Roomin’ In!

We have now been in the NICU over six weeks and it is starting to wear on us. Yes, our NICU is amazing but it is still a hospital and we don’t get to be home with our family. I recently started feeling like I am headed to work when I go to the NICU as if it is a nine to five rather than bonding time with my babies. It makes me feel totally institutionalized. I am ready to find our new normal and just be home.

Harper finally decided to shake up this routine so he can come home! He really started eating like a champ, taking full bottle feeds in 15-20 minutes and letting us know when he was ready to eat. Last night, he took his car seat test. This is where his car seat is fitted into a car chair while he is attached to the monitors for 90 minutes. We thought he failed it because the monitor alarmed a few times, but as it turned out he PASSED! This means that we are currently at the hospital and fully took over Harper’s care without monitors attached. Assuming all goes well, he will be home Tuesday night! YAY Harper for being the first home! Now I just hope he will tell his siblings how great home really is so they can start heading this way.




6 thoughts on “Roomin’ In!

  1. How exciting! If you need a babysitter for Harper so you can go see your other 3 beautiful babies…we are only 10 min away!!!


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