Family Portaits

My cousin, Lindsay, is a reporter/ anchor for NBC 5, but also has a photography business (Lindsay Wilcox Photography). She was kind enough to come to the NICU last week to take family portraits for us. We turned the quad suite into an all out four ring circus and had the best time doing it. The original plan was for me to babysit Lindsay’s children while she took pictures of the babies. However, our nurse, Lisa, thought of asking a hospital volunteer to help us. I was so happy Lisa thought of this because we were able to take a family photo of all six of us. We are so grateful for Ms. Hilcher who took care of Reese and Hayes while the circus unfolded.

Lisa helped me coordinate the babies’ outfits so they were all wearing pink and brown with footed pants. Too bad I didn’t have the foresight for George and I to also wear pink and brown. Oh well! Lisa called in Care Partners and other nurses to help us make pallets and grab blankets to hide leads and hospital equipment as much as possible.

In addition to the pink and brown outfits, we took pictures of the babies in turtle capes made by our friend, Maureen. She found this adorable crochet pattern after hearing our sea turtle story, which I wrote about here:






6 thoughts on “Family Portaits

  1. Beautiful pictures! My favorite is the one with the handmade turtle outfits. Those are so sweet especially in light of how meaningful turtles are to you.

    By the way, every single day I’m at Springdale i get asked about you and the babies. Once they are healthy enough for visits out (which I know is way off but at the rate they are going, who knows), you’ll have to make plans to bring them by.


  2. Photos are so beautiful – Lindsay did a fantastic job of capturing you all in your first family portrait. And the turtle outfits are adorable. What a blessing it will be to have your beautiful babies finally at home. Our prayers are with you every day! God bless!


  3. Hi Amber & George, I was thrilled when nurse Lisa sent us this blog. It will be so fun keeping up with your quads. It was my pleasure to be a small part of the 4 ring circus photo session. Your cousin Lindsey’s children were delightful that day in the hospital. Being a “baby buddy” has so many rewards and meeting your precious family rates at the top.
    Health and happiness to you and your family,
    Marsha Hilcher


    • Marsha,

      I am so glad Lisa shared! You were an angel to us when you helped with Reese and Hayes. We got really special family photos because I did not have to babysit.




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