The Little Things Thursdays: Installment #10

Happy Thursday!  Each week, we take some time to pause and reflect upon the little things that made our week special.  Here are some of our highlights:

1. Texas weather has been fickle as usual.  Just when I packed up all of our winter clothes, the warm spring weather vanished  and was exchanged with cool drizzle.  I could replace Puxatony Phil as predictor of spring weather.  Every time I flip the closets for spring, we have at least two more weeks of winter.   I should know this by now, but when we have temperatures exceeding 80 and it is sunshiny for over a week, I’m ready to ditch the sweaters and bring out the skirts.  Anyways, all this dreary weather kept us indoors and from taking our evening walks.  To change things up in the evening, we’ve been retreating upstairs to the playroom.  It is a bit of hassle to haul four babies upstairs for 30-45 minutes of playtime, but we all need the change of pace.  When we get up there, eight little eyes dart around exploring the new environment.  Plus, all the toys are novel since we don’t get up there often.  We primarily use the playroom as Nisey’s guest bedroom and to store toys that are too advanced for the babies.  However, the babies surprise me and seem to understand some of the toys I thought were too big for them.

Harper really enjoyed pushing the buttons on the sitting toys.  We learned, however, to turn all toys off before bed.  The toy in the background spooked George when it beckoned, "Play with me." in the night!

Harper really enjoys pushing the buttons on the sitting toys. We learned, however, to turn all toys OFF before bed. The toy in the background spooked George when it beckoned, “Play with me.” in the night!

2. We’ve been practicing sitting up with the support of Boppy pillows.  We since  rearranged our “Boppy Conventions” with a new perspective.  Harper and Rylin can almost sit independently, but they still need the safety net because they will topple and crash their noggins sometimes.  Sitting up opened new horizons for the babies and we did our first sitting up baths in pairs!  Harper and Rylin seemed to really enjoy being able to see their toys and splash the water.  Sydney lounged back in her seat like the old chair, but appeared relaxed.  Mason wasn’t keen on the new bath arrangement and protested with crocodile tears, but eventually warmed up to the idea.  I’m excited that bath time could take half as long by putting two in the tub at once!  I’m thinking it’s time to expand our bath toy collection as well.

Looks like someone missed the party.

Looks like someone missed the party.

The boys

The boys splish splashing!

The girls

Sydney’s hair is long enough down the center to make a Cupie Doll curl.  Rylin’s is close.

3. Shortly after starting spoon feeds, a friend suggested introducing Puffs since they dissolve and don’t require any chewing.  The first time I introduced Puffs, I ended up fishing one out of Sydney’s’ throat and didn’t want to try again.  That was until I noticed the babies chomping pureed food and picking smaller toys up.  When they were fussing for me to feed  them faster, I put a Puff in front of everyone and they did so much better.  Since they put everything in their mouths that is exactly what they did with the Puffs, but no coking.  It’s comical most of the time because they slobber so much the Puffs stick to their chubby little arms or hands and they can’t find them.  Other times they drop into the pocket of their bibs.

Harper is going in for the Puff!

Harper is going in for the Puff!

He did it!  Puff made it to the mouth.

He did it! Puff made it to the mouth.

Rylin scored a Puff too!

Rylin scored a Puff too!

4. My hairstylist recommended The Wet brush so I headed to Amazon and ordered a pink one.  I received it yesterday and gave it a whirl last night.  It worked perfectly.  It brushed through my wet mop without snagging or snarling and took a fraction of the time my old comb took.  Plus, it was a one step operation: just brush.  I used to spritz my hair with conditioner, use a wide tooth comb, then run a paddle brush over everything to smooth it out.  I’m all for consolidation so this brush is a winner in my book!

What little things filled your week?



PS- Don’t forget to visit to see more little things!

19 thoughts on “The Little Things Thursdays: Installment #10

    • The one that goes over the edge of the tub is Safety First. The other was a hand me down and doesn’t have a label, it just suction cups to the tub. Both are great for supported sitters!


  1. I’m still too scared to try puffs with them! I bought some on Tuesday and I tested one out to see how fast it dissolved….not fast enough! Maybe the babies have more slobber to dissolve it faster than I did 🙂 I’m going to get brave this weekend and try them!


    • The one that goes over the edge of the tub is a Safety 1st. The other was a hand me down and doesn’t have a label on it. It’s just a little seat with suction cups on the bottom.
      How are your littles doing? Hoping the NICU stay is coming to an end!


      • Me and Grey (Baby A) are at Presbyterian in Dallas. She had to have vitrectomy on her right eye and repeated laser correction on her left eye today. My others are still in the NICU at home with my husband. Grey will be discharged to home hopefully Monday or Tuesday. Adley will hopefully be home by next weekend and Jax whenever he decides he wants to take all his bottles.


      • I hope all went well with the surgeries and babies are trickling home. That is an exciting, exhausting time. Remember, it only lasts a little while and you can function on less sleep/ more coffee!


  2. Hi! I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I’ve been a follower for a long time but don’t usually comment. I’m 20 weeks pregnant with twins and have used your blog many times for ideas on products and things I will need! So thank you!


    • I am so happy you are still following us! I remember your story from Pregnancy 101. I was so excited when I found out you were having twins and even happier to know it is a boy and girl!
      I love that our blog has been helpful to you, it is one of the reasons I write it =) You are in the thick of it. You will get increasingly uncomfortable in the weeks to come. However, when those precious babies arrive it will all be a distant memory.


  3. Again with the doing-things-at-the-same-time stuff: Naomi just started chomping and being able to eat puffs, about a week ago. Have you tried the baby chee-toh kind of things? They don’t dissolve quite as easily, but they are MUCH easier for babies to get to their mouths, since their grip doesn’t have to be as precise to avoid getting the thing stuck in their little palms.

    Also, I need to get me one of those brushes! Probably Lily too. It sounds great!


    • Love how they stay on track with Naomi. Who makes the cheeto thingys? I looked at Target for them, but didn’t see anything that fit the bill.
      You and Lily would love a wet brush. She seems to have plenty of hair for it and it does not snarl with wet or dry hair.


      • The brushes will be here in a couple days, can’t wait! And those cheeto things are Gerber brand…I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be at target. We don’t have target, so mine come from Walmart.


      • I hope you love the brushes! They seriously do not snag or snarl for me. Target doesn’t have the best selection of baby food, I will check at Walmart next time I go there.


  4. Your grandpa, my dad was an amazing man. He was gentle,kind,smart,energetic, handsome,generous, never complained, compassionate and the list goes on. I miss his presence dearly,but my fantastic memories will sustain me. I was one lucky kid!!!!!! Love you to heaven and back dad. God is lucky,as mom put it. And Amber and George your little ones have an angel watching over them. No matter how sick dad was, a picture of the babies ALWAYS.made him smile.


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