The Little Things Thursdays: Installment #11

It’s 11:00 pm as I type this,  so technically it is still Thursday.  I’m working at “game time” no doubt!  Nonetheless, it is time to reflect upon the little things that filled our week.

1. George and I were inspired by the Glawson Triplets to take the babies to our community playground.  We stuffed two babies in each baby swing and they soared.  Of course, before we stuffed them in, I sanitized each swing with Clorox wipes.  Oh yes, I am that mom.  We are enjoying freedom from lock down, but I’m not completely ready to let my germ guard down.  Rylin and Mason thoroughly enjoyed their ride, giggling and grinning the whole time.  Harper and Sydney didn’t protest, but seemed rather lackadaisical about the whole ordeal.

This is how quadruplets roll at the playground!

This is how quadruplets roll at the playground!

Rylin thought this was big fun.

Rylin thought this was big fun.  I love the wind in her hair.

Hmm, these two don't seem terribly interested.

Hmm, these two don’t seem terribly interested.

2. After I took Mason to Cranial Technologies for his weekly band adjustment, he and I took a detour to one of my former schools.  I introduced Mason to the principal, Samantha, and secretary, Mina, at Bonnie Brae.  Both of these ladies helped me trudge along as I worked full time the first 20 weeks of a quadruplet pregnancy so I thought it was time they meet at least one of the quadlets.  I promised to bring the others someday.  And…Springdale and Riverside friends, I promise we will swing by to see you as well.

Mina, Mason, & Samantha.   Mason was highly interested in Samantha's glasses and seemed to thing they'd be a tasty snack.

Mina, Mason, & Samantha.
Mason was highly interested in Samantha’s glasses and seemed to thing they’d be a tasty snack.

3. My Uncle Mark sent this picture to me a few days ago.  It is me and my Grandpa I think at Easter, which would make me about 13  or 14 months old.  It’s a sweet picture that reminds me of how special he was to me and all of the little things we did together.  I will always remember catching fireflies in his yard, swinging from vines, looking at stars with his telescope, performing on his hearth, and going to the beach.  In his 87 years, he always stopped to look at bluebonnets and never let the little things go unnoticed.  Thank you, Grandpa for teaching all of us to appreciate the little things!

Do you see any of the babies in this picture?  I see a strong family resemblance...

Do you see any of the babies in this picture? I see a strong family resemblance…



10 thoughts on “The Little Things Thursdays: Installment #11

  1. Bill was certainly a lover of nature and this picture of you as a tot and Bill as a young man was just great to see. When I used to visit Eleanor and Bill in June for my annual bike ride near Dallas, he would get his cup of coffee in the early morning and we would sit on his back porch and watch the wild life and listen to the birds singing. Thank you for sharing that photo and for all the wonderful photos. The quads are just adorable — wait until they start walking!


    • I always loved it when you came up for a bike ride. He just loved nature and taught us to enjoy it too. Funny thing, I used to fear turtles because Grandpa let one snap at his shoe when we were walking once. Now I have a new appreciation for turtles!


  2. what a sweet post of you and Grandpa. I also never realized that you could do that with those Park swings I always wondered what that was’s probably about facing different directions because of the Sun but of course you are very innovative and figured out another way to use those swings. being the mother of quads makes one quite creative doesn’t it


    • I never would have thought of using swings that way, but the triplets did it. You are probably right, they are made that way for sun, but they worked great for two babes. It was cloudy that day so we didn’t have sun issues.
      I love this picture of Grandpa 🙂


  3. AHH!! That is such a cute/hilarious/smart idea for the swings! I have been wanting to take the babies to the swings but the playgrounds around here are usually full and I don’t want to take up two swings – I could totally do this! So funny!


    • You totally can do it! We did take up all the baby swings, but I think the other families there enjoyed “the show”. I totally stole the idea from our triplet friends.


  4. Thanks Amber for sharing the picture of your Grandpa and you as a child. It was sooo good to see this precious picture. Yes the quads look just like you. I remember visiting Bill and Eleanor when I was a teenager and Bill always invited us all to get blankets and look at the stars. It was so much fun. I remember him as such a loving gentle man. His smile seemed to embrace you and just by smiling you feel like you had been hugged.
    Sending hugs to all of you and your family.


  5. Your grandpa,my dad was an amazing man. He was gentle,kind,smart,energetic, handsome, generous,never complaining, compassionate, …and the list goes on. I miss his presence,but my memories will sustain me. I was one lucky kiid! ! ! Love ya to heaven and back dad. God is lucky as mom put it. Just know your babies have an angel watching over them. Even when dad was very sick, a picture of the babies ALWAYS made him smile.


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