The Little Things Thursdays: Installment #15

Hooray, it’s time for The Little Things Thursdays!

1. After spoon feeds, I am always trying to find new ways to occupy the babies while I tidy up the kitchen. Finger foods entertain them quite well, but afterwards I have to clean the babies and table again. That’s not productive. Sometimes toys do the trick, but my new favorite thing to do is give the babies kitchen utensils. Apparently spoons and spatulas are fascinating to babies. On the downside, they also discovered the joy of gravity and I found myself repeatedly scooping up dropped things. To remedy that, I started using pacifier clips to strap them to the babies’ seats. Works like a charm!


2. When the babies are sleeping, I usually pull the doors closed so they don’t disturb each other. However, today when I began putting babies down for naps, I found the dogs posted by the cribs as if they were guarding the babies. I thought it was sweet, I let them stay and kept the doors open. When Mason began blowing raspberries, Sasha changed loyalty to the girls (she is terrified of unusual noises).

2-IMG_4865 1-IMG_48613-IMG_4866

3. With the arrival of spring and summer on its heels, I’ve been really bothered by my toes. I loathe unpainted toenails at any point in the year, but in the warm months I just can’t take it. I enjoy wearing flip-flops and open toed shoes so painted toe nails are a must for me. Recently, the babies have been cramping my style. If I get a rare moment to paint them, chances are I won’t stay still long enough for them to dry well. The salon is an even more rare luxury. I gave the Sally Hansen salon effects strips a whirl this week and really liked them. They are a bit of a trick to apply, but required zero dry time and have a nifty design I could never create myself. The box claims they’ll last two weeks. I’m one week in and they look decent still. 6-IMG_4877

4. A while back, my cousin loaned us some of her favorite baby toys. We’ve been enjoying the rattles and tiny baby toys for a while, but this week I brought some of the more exciting ones from storage. Novelty rocks a baby’s world so they were totally enamored with the new things. I like to keep toys fresh so I’ve been rotating the new and old ones this week.


Check out how all four babies are playing with this single toy at once. They are really into opening and closing doors and flipping switches,so this one was a crowd pleaser. As an added bonus, this toy tells the babies what it is doing (e.g. The door is open.”) and it sings catchy tunes.


We’ve had this one out before, but I brought it out again today and the babies literally swarmed it. Mobility is amazing!

5. I’ve never cared much for our back door. It has a large window running the length of it that is usually decorated with doggy nose prints or muddy paw remnants. However, Mason enjoys gazing through the window so I’ve found a new place in my heart for the old door. The only problem is that he gets into this position easily, but tends to get stuck.


6. When I began writing this blog, I created a page for frequently asked questions. After hearing the same questions repeatedly, I compiled the most common ones. However, I wonder what questions you may have. Send me your wonderings and I’ll compile them into a new post and updated page. George and I are open books for the most part, but please use your manners when asking questions. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been dying to find out!



8 thoughts on “The Little Things Thursdays: Installment #15

  1. Amber, the babies would love their own kitchen cabinet….one of the low ones stocked with pots, pans, and utensils…all baby-friendly. They are developing beautifully.


  2. I forgot to mention…that dropping thing that babies do….it is great fun for them, isn’t it? They are checking to see if what disappears from their sight still exists…and to their delight, it re-appears!


  3. Your Adorable Four are beyond darling, every one of them! I enjoy reading your blog to see how they are developing (so very well!) and for insight concerning my multiple grandchildren, just a couple of months younger than your foursome. Love that new toy!


    • I’m so happy you follow us. I sort of stalk Texas Tales (quads a few weeks older than ours) to see what’s coming. I realized you are the grandmother of the Jones quints because Treva is a mutual friend! So neat.


    • Oh gosh, yes! They all started crawling this week and then pulling up too. We had to lower some cribs and install more gates. Next play date will be a bit more interesting! Glad you like the utensil strap idea 🙂 I felt pretty clever.


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