Stupid Cupid


In case you were oblivious, Cupid has landed and love is in the air.  Apparently Mason spied the solar powered Cupid bobble head in the playroom window after he woke up.  He darted into the kitchen and in giddy tones proclaimed the following:

Mason-“I saw Stupid in the window!!!  It’s Valentine’s Day!”

Me- “What did you say?  You saw what?!?!”

Mason- (with a puzzled expression) “What’s that little Valentine’s angel named?”

Me- “Do you mean Cupid?”

Mason- “YES!  (giggles) I think I was speaking Spanish!”


Naturally this little Freudian slip unleased questions about the word stupid and resulted in a teachable moment about appropriate use of the word “stupid”.






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An Answer for Everything

I am constantly impressed with Rylin’s quick responses to life’s little conundrums.  For three years old her insight is impeccable though sometimes a tad sassy.


When we entered the playgroup with our local school district, the teacher greeted the girls.

Teacher: “Rylin & Sydney you look so pretty in your purple clothes, and your nails are painted to match!”

Rylin: “Actually, my nails are fuchsia.”  (and of course she was correct!)

Teacher: “I think she’s mastered colors.”


When Grandaddy and Aunt Carol were babysitting, Grandaddy was going to the grocery store.  Harper begged to go too.

Grandaddy: “Harper, you can’t go because I don’t have a car seat for you.”

Rylin: “Next time, you could ask my mom and dad to leave a car seat so he can go.”


At birthday party another child spilled a cup full of water, which spread all over the table.

Rylin: “Little kids probably shouldn’t have open cups.”


Oh how this little lady is keeping us on our toes.  She’s attentive to everything around her and is listening even when you think she’s not…






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Quadruplets Quoted

The kids have been rather gregarious for a while now, but in recent days they’ve been coming up with some hysterical and sometimes heartwarming material.  In fact, I purchased a blank journal for each of them and have done my best to jot down our favorite quotes.  If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen a few cute ones posted.

This gem comes from Harper.

Harper was busily playing with his rescue vehicles when he announced,

Harper: “Mom!  The fire truck and ambulance are having a baby!”

Me: “Oh really…What kind of baby?” (I was thinking boy or girl)

Harper: “They had a train!”

Harper and the happy new family!

Happy Friday! Stay tuned for more quadruplets quoted…



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One Year

Each morning as I wake to the chatter of four babies, I sometimes wonder if they are all ours.  Now I am even more amazed that we made it through the first year.  The past year has been perhaps the most challenging of our lives, yet also the most JOY filled to date.  Caring for four infants and now pre-toddlers is no easy feat, but we manage.  A friend once told George, “You were given the Grace for four.  Someone else who was given the grace for one or even two would be overwhelmed in your world.”  We go back to her comment often, remembering that God blessed us with these four precious babies for a reason.  Despite the hours of sleep stolen from the night and many tears shed (usually the babies’ but sometimes mine too), we would not change a thing.  When we’re out with the babies people often blurt out, “How DO you do it?” Almost always we reply, “By the Grace of God.”  It is true.  This amazing challenge would be impossible on our own and our faith carries us through.

Reflecting upon the past year is a fast flurry.  Every new stage and milestone comes and passes in a whirlwind.  All too soon we will miss having babies in the house.  In the future, I believe we’ll enjoy going back to this blog to recall glimpses of time we’d otherwise lose in a fog.  The day we discovered we were expecting quads, I recall George repeating “four” followed by something we’d have to buy (e.g. cribs, cars, college educations).  While we don’t have four of everything, we’ve gone through more than the average household of most every baby item.  Together, George and I calculated rough estimates of our consumption this year-

  • 9,600 Diapers
  • 36,000 fluid ounces of formula (just over a TON!)
  • 730 baths
  • 32 visits to the doctor (only two of which were “sick” visits and neither baby was actually sick!)
  • 8,760 bottles prepared & served
  • 43,800 bottle parts washed
  • 182 loads of laundry

We’re afraid to calculate the cost of all these things so don’t expect dollar signs to follow!  We’d like to thank each person who supported us along this journey from prayers said to diapers donated.  Each of you are part of this journey too.  Mascara alert: I compiled this video of our first year together. 



Rylin, Harper, Sydney, & Mason in their new chairs from Great Grandma McCaskill.

Rylin, Harper, Sydney, & Mason in their new chairs from Great Grandma McCaskill.

Rylin Skye

Rylin Skye

Harper Stone

Harper Stone

Sydney Raine

Sydney Raine

Mason River

Mason River

What TO Say to Multiples

1-NICU reunion family pic-001

I began drafting this post a few weeks ago after a reader politely noted concern for how we handle ourselves in public, possibly shunning people who ask questions. Yes, some parents of multiples completely avoid answering questions about their multiples. This is generally because they feel it invades their privacy and also there is harsh judgment from the public regarding infertility treatments. No one wants to feel judged. I understand and respect some families’ tendency to avoid answering questions in public. However, I hated finding that someone gleaned that impression from reading our blog. I suspect it came from comments I’ve made about wanting to be clandestine at times or encouraging people to “walk and talk”. I’ve mentioned things such as putting the babies in twin strollers or separating them somehow to avoid inquiries.

This is one of our traveling scenarios.  Honestly, even twins do not go unnoticed much of the time.

This is one of our traveling scenarios. Honestly, even twins do not go unnoticed much of the time.

The babies are still very young and we rigidly adhere to our schedule to keep things running smoothly. While we know it is inevitable, George and I go to great lengths to avoid four babies melting down in a highly populated place such as Walmart. The day it happens, I assure you that George and I will crawl out of wherever we are on hands and knees with our tails between our legs.

Even with our best efforts, people often realize we in fact have quadruplets in tow and we are asked many questions. For the most part, we have received nothing but earnest questions and genuine compliments. George and I feel that the energy you put out is often what you get in return so we try our best to kindly answer all questions from passersby. We even entertain questions that could be construed as rude or off putting the best way possible because we feel those questions are asked out of lack of knowledge regarding multiples. Sometimes, the asker is a person dealing with infertility and they are seeking reassurance or hope. Our answers are often attempts at educating people in diplomatic ways. We are fully aware that quadruplets are a novelty. Prior to expecting quadruplets, we had not seen any out in public and would probably have questions or comments if we were onlookers. In fact to date, we’ve only met three other sets of quadruplets! There are only about 300 quadruplet births in the United States annually so most people will never lay eyes on a set.

All that being said, George and I appreciate manners from people we encounter. A good rule of thumb if you see us strolling about in our Runabout or cruising with two double strollers is to consider, “Would I ask that of someone with one baby?” and “Is it okay for children to hear what I am asking?” It is not customary to ask parents of singletons exactly how they conceived their babies so it’s not polite to ask parents of multiples either. Do you want a complete stranger asking you about bedroom behavior or medical conditions???? I highly doubt it.  There are perhaps a few exceptions of things that are not offensive and apply only to multiples (e.g. How may boys? Girls? Do they share a room? Are they fraternal? Identical?).

Here are some examples of polite things that have been said to us or asked in public:

  1. How old are they?
  2. What are their names?
  3. What a blessing!
  4. They are adorable/ precious/ beautiful/ cute (any complimentary word is perfect)
  5. Wow! Amazing! Cool! Neat (again, any single word noting amazement is appreciated)
  6. Are they sleeping through the night?
  7. You are so lucky.
  8. They must bring you so much JOY!
  9. Can I put you on our prayer list?

Not everyone is impressed with multiples, and that is okay! If you don’t have something polite to say, it’s best just to keep unkind commentary to yourself. In our experience, most people have keep unsavory comments to themselves or at least had the courtesy to be discreet; we appreciate that.

In addition to asking polite questions, also be mindful of the amount of time you are commanding. George and I happily entertain a few pertinent questions, but our babies are young and we don’t have 15 or 20 minutes to chat with each person who eyes us. At times we may well be totally preoccupied handling four babies in public too and may not even notice someone trying to ask a question.  This type of courtesy is not only appreciated by families with multiples, but anyone who is different for any reason (e.g. Medical condition, disability, religious attire, ect.) I brought only Mason with me to Walmart once and let me tell you, he garnered nearly as much attention with his “helmet” as all four babies do. People love to gawk and make comments when they see something out of the ordinary. Bottom line is that sort of behavior hurts feelings. No one wants to feel like a circus freak show or exhibit. Everyone wants to fit in and enjoy a bit of leisure time.

Amber over at Texas Tales recently wrote about this very topic. Clearly it is something that is common place for both of us these days as we are increasing our family outings.



Sometimes two twin strollers are an efficient way to travel with the four pack.

Sometimes two twin strollers are an efficient way to travel with the four pack.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

When our friends, Neha and Kristen came to help with the babies last week, I really wanted to do something that would be difficult without four adults.  I spent a good portion of the day deciding what missions I wanted to tackle and came up with two: 1. Do a first birthday photo shoot 2. Take the babies out to dinner.  You may remember, we took the babies out for dinner several months ago, but at the time they were tiny and not ready to enjoy the scenery.  At 10 months old, they can sit in high chairs, eat finger foods, and soak in their new environment.   Plus, they really need the occassional field trip.

The three of us attempted the photo shoot before George arrived home from work and it was dicey to say the least.  Needless to say, mobile babies are not so easy to capture as infants who lay still.  After squeezing four babies into beach wear, we spread a quilt outside in the shade and toted the babies outdoors.  Neha and Kristen enthusiastically blew bubbles and tossed a beach ball in a futile attempt to engage the babies.  As soon as we’d get all four situated, one or more would make a mad dash to the grass or would yank someone else’s hair.  The babies were far more concerned about exploring the back yard, or in Sydney’s case snuggling up on the quilt for a nap.  As the three of us furiously smoldered in the Texas heat, we gave up on an outdoor shoot and hauled the babies back indoors.  They were just as active inside as out so we turned on a Baby Einstien DVD.  My little trick kept the babies together, but they were hardly still and of course they craned their necks to see the television.  All I can say is we tried.  I showed George the “good one” and he made the mistake of saying, “But no one is smiling.”  Getting them together was nearly impossible so smiles were low in the priority list.

Harper is darting out of the photo as the other three have other priorities as well.

Harper is darting out of the photo as the other three have other priorities as well.

I thought it would be cute to lay the babies on the quilt with their heads together.  They disagreed.

I thought it would be cute to lay the babies on the quilt with their heads together. They disagreed.

And, this was a "good one".  All babies are together, but as you can see it was not the money shot.

And, this was a “good one”. All babies are together, but as you can see it was not the money shot.

Thankfully, the second mission was far better than the first.  Although it was witching hour, I thought dinner out might be refreshing for the babies. I didn’t think Jason’s Deli would be bustling on a Tuesday at 5:30 pm either.  After we fed the babies dinner, we loaded them into the van armed with an arsenal of baby supplies.  Once at Jason’s Deli I scooted in first with Super Seats as the other adults unloaded the babies.  I scouted out a long table where adults could sit in the middle and anchor the corners with babies.  After attaching each Super Seat, we adorned each baby’s spot with adhesive place mats and littered them with Cheerios.  As soon as we knew the babies were content, the adults took turns ordering.  There was just enough time for us to enjoy dinner while the babies entertained themselves with Cheerios and making observations.

Can you spot all four babies?

Can you spot all four babies?

Mason was enamored with the little girls seated behind us and spent most of the time craning his neck to see them.  At just 10 months old, he is already proving himself to be flirtatious.  Meanwhile, Sydney found the ceiling fans to be fascinating.  We were able to enjoy our meal and some conversation while the babies simply enjoyed the new scene.  Breakdown was a breeze; I pulled up place mats and wadded them into the trash, stacked Super Seats and loaded car seats.  We arrived home just in time for pajamas and the last call bottle.

Sydney looked so tiny sitting at the table.  She had to stretch her arms and fingers out just to reach the Cheerios.

Sydney looked so tiny sitting at the table. She had to stretch her arms and fingers out just to reach the Cheerios.

I brought Sippy cups and then left them in the van.  We improvised with cups and straws.

I brought Sippy cups and then left them in the van. We improvised with cups and straws.

The babies each got their first sample of ice cream.  I wanted to make sure they were okay before their birthday.

The babies each got their first sample of ice cream. I wanted to make sure they were okay before their birthday.


Each adult was assigned a baby Kristen: Rylin, Me: Harper, George: Sydney, and Neha: Mason.




The Little Things Thursdays: Installment #18

Yesterday a mom from our online group posted a picture of her quintuplets in graduation regalia with a quote stating, “The days are long, but the years are short.”   How true that is!  Some days raising quadruplets seem incredibly LONG, yet their first year is flashing right before us.  All the more reason to savor the little things and link up with A Beautiful Ruckus.

1. For the first time ever, George and I split the crew.  We took Harper and Rylin to a friend’s house for a family barbeque.  Meanwhile, Sydney and Mason stayed with Aunt CiCi and her friend, Leslie.  I agonized about who would be the “chosen” ones and considered all possible scenarios.  I ended up choosing Rylin since she rarely takes a good afternoon nap and Harper because he is a strong sitter (they planned to have a baby pool and I didn’t want a baby toppling over in it).

Playing man to man defense turned out to be a cake walk compared to the zone defense we’re accustomed to.  When we bid our farewells at the party, a nagging feeling taunted me.  I soon realized I was missing two kids!  Sydney and Mason may have stayed home, but I don’t think they missed out; they got individual attention for an entire afternoon.  Besides, they get to go next time we divide and conquer.

There were four babies at the party, but only two were mine!  Rylin got her first kiss from the adorable little blonde.  Actually, I think Harper also received a kiss from this kiddo.  Hmm.

There were four babies at the party, but only two were mine! Rylin got her first kiss from the adorable little blonde. Actually, I think Harper also received a kiss from this kiddo. Hmm.

Leslie and Sydney

Leslie and Sydney

Aunt CiCi and Mason

Aunt CiCi and Mason

2. All six of us enjoyed our first meal from the garden this season.  My father in law shared some summer squash and George harvested a zucchini from our own garden.  I sautéed both with onions and then simmered with diced tomatoes for our dinner.  Then, I pureed the left overs for the babies.  As it turns out, Sydney in particular has a sophisticated palate.  She prefers our meals over the baby purees I’ve been serving and gobbled up as much as her big brother, Harper.


3. Monday was a rather trying day for me with the babies.  Afternoon naps were brief and baby dispositions were noticeably  foul.  I simply had to escape the confines of our house so I devised a getaway plan.  As the babies noshed on a few Cheerios, I loaded the van with Goodwill donation boxes, an ice chest, and a diaper bag.  Then I swooped up each baby, buckled them into their car seats and loaded the van.  After about 15-20 minutes we were on the open road.  After ditching our Goodwill stash at the Donation Station, we dashed over to Sonic.  I snagged a chocolate shake topped with a cherry and a bag of ice.  It was a bit of an ordeal loading and unloading four babies for a measly shake and ice, but was totally worth it!  We ALL needed a diversion.


It may have taken me close to an hour to grab a bag of ice, but it was worth every minute of effort. After all, Sonic ice is the best!


Those precious faces were not smiling just an hour prior to this picture. I had some seriously unhappy babies.


4. On Friday evening, Sydney had an occupational therapy session.  Her therapist was pleased to find both goals were mastered: rolling over and sitting independently. However, I shared concern that unlike the other babies, Sydney wasn’t even attempting to pull up and relied solely upon army crawling.  Sydney must have been listening because she got busy on Saturday.  All of the sudden she started doing both things!  Her therapist is in for a real surprise at her next visit when she sees Sydney crawling AND pulling up on her own volition.

Sydney is finding all sorts of things to pull up on from baskets to siblings.

Sydney is finding all sorts of things to pull up on from baskets to siblings.

5. I am far too cheap to pay for the version of WordPress, which supports video.  However, I’ve been capturing the babies in action recently and started posting them on our Four to Adore Facebook page. With all four babies crawling I noticed they behave a lot like ducks following their mama around.  After several outtakes, I finally (well, mostly)  captured them crawling from their nurseries to the den.  I love re-watching this footage because it makes me smile every time.

What bright spots filled your week?



The Little Things Thursdays: Installment #15

Hooray, it’s time for The Little Things Thursdays!

1. After spoon feeds, I am always trying to find new ways to occupy the babies while I tidy up the kitchen. Finger foods entertain them quite well, but afterwards I have to clean the babies and table again. That’s not productive. Sometimes toys do the trick, but my new favorite thing to do is give the babies kitchen utensils. Apparently spoons and spatulas are fascinating to babies. On the downside, they also discovered the joy of gravity and I found myself repeatedly scooping up dropped things. To remedy that, I started using pacifier clips to strap them to the babies’ seats. Works like a charm!


2. When the babies are sleeping, I usually pull the doors closed so they don’t disturb each other. However, today when I began putting babies down for naps, I found the dogs posted by the cribs as if they were guarding the babies. I thought it was sweet, I let them stay and kept the doors open. When Mason began blowing raspberries, Sasha changed loyalty to the girls (she is terrified of unusual noises).

2-IMG_4865 1-IMG_48613-IMG_4866

3. With the arrival of spring and summer on its heels, I’ve been really bothered by my toes. I loathe unpainted toenails at any point in the year, but in the warm months I just can’t take it. I enjoy wearing flip-flops and open toed shoes so painted toe nails are a must for me. Recently, the babies have been cramping my style. If I get a rare moment to paint them, chances are I won’t stay still long enough for them to dry well. The salon is an even more rare luxury. I gave the Sally Hansen salon effects strips a whirl this week and really liked them. They are a bit of a trick to apply, but required zero dry time and have a nifty design I could never create myself. The box claims they’ll last two weeks. I’m one week in and they look decent still. 6-IMG_4877

4. A while back, my cousin loaned us some of her favorite baby toys. We’ve been enjoying the rattles and tiny baby toys for a while, but this week I brought some of the more exciting ones from storage. Novelty rocks a baby’s world so they were totally enamored with the new things. I like to keep toys fresh so I’ve been rotating the new and old ones this week.


Check out how all four babies are playing with this single toy at once. They are really into opening and closing doors and flipping switches,so this one was a crowd pleaser. As an added bonus, this toy tells the babies what it is doing (e.g. The door is open.”) and it sings catchy tunes.


We’ve had this one out before, but I brought it out again today and the babies literally swarmed it. Mobility is amazing!

5. I’ve never cared much for our back door. It has a large window running the length of it that is usually decorated with doggy nose prints or muddy paw remnants. However, Mason enjoys gazing through the window so I’ve found a new place in my heart for the old door. The only problem is that he gets into this position easily, but tends to get stuck.


6. When I began writing this blog, I created a page for frequently asked questions. After hearing the same questions repeatedly, I compiled the most common ones. However, I wonder what questions you may have. Send me your wonderings and I’ll compile them into a new post and updated page. George and I are open books for the most part, but please use your manners when asking questions. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been dying to find out!




During my senior year of college, my roommate, Neha, and I discovered the wonderful world of yoga.  For a mere $30/ semester we could take unlimited fitness classes in the student activities building.  We dabbled in different activities including Pilates and Nia, but I fell in love with yoga.  Our instructor was from India and spoke with a delightful British accent, which was probably enough to warrant attendance.  Prior to class he gave brief talks about the benefits of yoga such as what poses helped cure headaches or digestive problems.  While we really enjoyed practicing yoga, the best part were the benefits seen after class.  I always left yoga feeling both relaxed and energized.  Upon graduation, I wanted to continue practicing yoga, but yoga studios are rather expensive (oh about $15-20 per class!)  I went without yoga for a few years until I discovered that 24 Hour Fitness offers yoga classes with excellent instructors.  I was hesitant to go there expecting sub par instruction, but was pleasantly surprised.  The two years prior to my pregnancy with the quads, I enjoyed yoga 3-4 times per week.  It made me feel healthy and also confident when I accomplished new poses such as side crow and headstands.  My yoga practice came to a screeching halt after my first appointment with the perinatologist and the bed rest soon followed.   Since delivery, I’ve continued to battle my Diastasis Recti (split abdominal muscles) and cannot practice yoga the way I used to (not that going to class is logistically possible now anyways).  The majority of yoga relies on core muscles which I lack so I’m pretty limited as to what I can do right now.  I am, however, working on rehabilitation exercises and wearing a splint (when I can tolerate it) to correct my problem.  Until then, I’ve got to take it easy.  Even though I can’t practice yoga regularly, I’ve noticed the babies seem to!  George and I often label their poses as we catch them in action.  I’m loving that!  In case you’d like to take up yoga yourself, the babies demonstrated some of their favorite poses-

09-IMG_4268 07-IMG_4632 10-IMG_4270 04-IMG_4682 03-IMG_4687 05-IMG_4505 06-IMG_4720 08-IMG_4721 02-IMG_4663 01-IMG_4674



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NICU Reunion

In what seems like an eternity ago, the babies’ NICU nurses often chattered about the day when the babies would be bigger, healthier and returning to the hospital.  There would come a day they would return to the hospital not as patients, but as visitors for the NICU Reunion.   At the time, I don’t think we could see the forest for the trees.  Nine months later, we finally reached that point: NICU reunion time!

As part of the reunion, the hospital requested that each parent make a post of their baby filled with pictures from then and now with a statement sharing the NICU experience for current families to see, and bring them hope.  As I often do, I procrastinated completing this project.  Not because I did not want to do it, but I knew it would take me a good deal of time to create.  Days before the reunion, I finally went to Snapfish and ordered tons of pictures of the babies from their NICU days to what they’ve been doing lately.  It turned out to be quite the walk down memory lane.  It was only nine short months ago that our babies weighed under 4 pounds each and lived in boxes.  Oh how far we’ve come!  A few hours after ordering over sixty pictures online, I picked up a thick envelope from our neighborhood Walgreens.  The task daunted me even more when I flipped through a stack of pictures that would never fit onto a tiny poster.  It sat on our dining room table in shambles for a few days until my mom came to the rescue.  Mom just loves a creative project like this.  I remember she and I staying up “all night” (what I later realized was more like 10:30 pm at most) doing school projects.  Mom never did anything for me, but always put “her touch” on it so it looked just right.  When it came to my latest project, Mom helped me sift through the mounds of pictures and then helped me to arrange them just so.  I took a picture of the final product:


I was really pleased with the final result. In fact, I hated to part with my little project, it is a cute keepsake.  I hope it inspires current and future families with babies in the NICU. After all, being in the NICU was hard, but we eventually saw the other side.

The pink piece of paper on the poster reads:

On February 2, 2012 our lives were forever changed by four tiny heartbeats detected on an early ultrasound.  We were expecting quadruplets!  That day we were warned about many possible complications and risks associated with high order multiples, particularly the fact that they would be premature.  Instead of worrying, we began preparing.  One of the first things we did was research NICU facilities in our area.  After a tour of Cook, we immediately decided it was the place for our babies.  Not only could they provide us with a private suite equipped for our quads, but we knew they would offer the best medical care possible and a family friendly environment for everyone.  When the babies were delivered July 20, 2012, they were immediately transported to Cook.  We later learned the staff was preparing for our babies weeks in advance. 

Being in the NICU was not always easy.  It became taxing seeing our babies so fragile and struggling to tackle seemingly simple tasks such as feeding.  It was even more difficult to see them make gains one day and then backslide the next.  However, being at Cook made our experience a pleasant one.  The babies’ room always felt warm and inviting even though it was indeed a hospital room.  All of the nurses, care partners, and staff took time to know us and the uniqueness of each baby.  Staff who worked with us could tell at least one thing that was unique to each baby and they championed each baby’s successes.  Not once did we leave the hospital worrying about the babies because we knew they were in the most capable, loving hands possible.  If our babies could not come home with us, there is no other place we would have left them than Cook.  Each morning when we would return for visits, we would find the babies dressed to match their linens and sometimes with notes or pictures taken from our camera.  That warmed our hearts. 

After a seven week stint in the NICU, babies started trickling home.  Within a week’s time we found four tiny, yet healthy babies filling our home.  At nine months old, it is difficult to believe how tiny they once were.  Just like typical babies, they attack new milestones every day.  We are now enjoying baby babbles, giggles, teeth, and even some scooting!  We will forever hold Cook Children’s Hospital in our hearts as a special place that nourished our babies when they were so small. 



Amber & George Shawver

We made it!

We made it!

It took us weeks to find a night primary and we finally found Tiffany.  However, she sent the babies home within four days!  We were sad we didn't get much time with her, but were happy to finally be home with all the babies.

It took us weeks to find a night primary and we finally found Tiffany. However, she sent the babies home within four days! We were sad we didn’t get much time with her, but were happy to finally be home with all the babies.

Some of the babies' nurses: Kim, Kiki, and Emily got to see how much the babies had grown.

Some of the babies’ nurses: Kim, Kiki, and Emily got to see how much the babies had grown.

George and I with Liz.

George and I with Liz who was one of the babies’ primary nurses.  She was instrumental in helping change Sydney’s protocol when she had pneumonia.

3-NICU reunion family pic

There were several volunteer photographers at the even, one captured these precious photos of each baby.  I especially love Harper’s lion yawn.

Rylin Skye

Rylin became a bit fussy so Nisey rescued her from the Runabout.

2-Rylin NICU reunion

Harper Stone

Harper Stone

Mason River

Mason River

Sydney Raine

Sydney Raine

One of the highlights of the reunion was meeting the McClean family.  Unbeknownst to me, they were the only other set of quadruplets admitted to Cook Children’s.  They are now four years old and too big for a Runabout.  I appreciated that the father of the quads told George it got easier for them every year.  Sometimes a little encouragement like that goes a long way!

The McClean and Shawver clans together!

The McClean and Shawver clans together!

The "big kid" quads checking out the baby quads

The “big kid” quads checking out the baby quads.


Next year the reunion may be more exciting with babies who can walk!  Of course, we’ll likely



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What little things brightened your week?