A Few Good Toddler Reads

A few months back, I loyal reader informed me that Twiniversity, an online resource for parents of multiples, was seeking parents of quadruplets to contribute for them.  Being unfamiliar with Twiniversity, I curiously perused the site.  There, I found a wealth of information and tips for everyone to expectant parents to school aged children.  After learning what Twiniversity is about, I found myself submitting some of my favorite posts and pitching ideas to them.  To my delight, they thought I’d be a good fit for them.  With that I present my first piece for Twiniversity, Reading to Toddlers: Tips for Boosting Language.  I hope you’ll pop by Twiniversity to read my tips for yourself!

There's no better way to wind down for the day than with a bedtime story.  The quads love to pile onto my lap together, and I'm enjoying it before they get too big.

There’s no better way to wind down for the day than with a bedtime story. The quads love to pile onto my lap together, and I’m enjoying it before they get too big.

Thinking about this post, I asked you to name your favorite children’s books. Many of your favorites, were also beloved in our home. You named several that were my childhood favorites that are not currently in our library, and I’m adding those to our wishlist.   On the top of the list, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!  I fondly recall the illustrator of that book coming to my elementary school and have loved that book since.  Here are our top 10 quaddler-approved books (in no particular order).





Do you have any of these books in your personal library?  What books would you add to this list of favorite books for toddlers?

happy reading!


Disclaimer: Four to Adore participates in the Amazon Affiliate Program, meaning that if you choose to purchase a product linked to Amazon, Four to Adore receives a small commission from the sale.   The proceeds of any sales are intended to help contribute to an educational fund for the quadruplets.  

4 thoughts on “A Few Good Toddler Reads

  1. We are lucky to have you at Twiniversity! I hope you get some good traffic from that article. 🙂 I’m a big fan of Eric Carle books (I have to get a copy of the spider one — didn’t know that one existed) and also Sandra Boynton. Her “Barnyard Dance” and “Snuggle Puppy” are two of my boys favorites!


    • I’m so excited to be working with you! I can’t wait to see what happens with traffic in the next few days.
      The Very Busy Spider is good because it has farm animal sounds! Sandra Boynton is a favorite author here too, but we don’t have those particular ones. I shall look for them!


    • Thank you for the nomination!!! At 19 months, we still need the edible kind too. Our OT wanted them working on page turning so I got dollar spot books, which have been battered severely.


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