Pink Cake

The quads are beginning to make requests, some quite specific. All. The. Time.  While I love how their language is progressing, it also brings new challenges.  Often times, denials result in full throttle toddler tantrums with someone kicking and screaming for what seems like eternity.  Of course when one child is having tantrum, there are often bystanders who chime in.  Other times, there is no tantrum, but persistent requests that cannot be met.  I do relish when the request or the timing is humorous or downright adorable.

At 5:45 am, I heard Mason softly requested, “Drink, please.”  I wasn’t too keen on being up at 5:45 am, but I obliged this polite request.   Clearly, the kid knew he was parched and wanted his needs known.   When I presented him the desired drink, he replied, “Have it”, as he nodded in agreement.    Thankfully, he went right back to bed after hydrating.

After being in bed two hours, Sydney woke up saying , “Outside. Outside. Outside.” as she gleefully jumped in her crib.  Not the best time of day for playtime.  This time, we gently told her it was “night, night” and she settled.   Tantrum averted.

Harper’s new request, “Boogas”.  No, he doesn’t want boogers, he wants me to use his saline and nasal aspirator to remove his boogers, and he knows exactly what to do.

Harper insists on doing the saline on his own.

Harper insists on doing the saline on his own.

My favorite request to date, however, was Rylin’s for “Pink cake”.  A family friend gave her a Strawberry Shortcake magazine filled with pages of pink cakes adorned in strawberries and frosting.  This led Rylin to begin the request for “pink cake.”   Not white cake or yellow cake, this was for pink cake only.  She persisted for two days straight, and thankfully accepted many denials.  Finally, on day two, George caved and made his princess a pink cake from scratch.  This may be my favorite request to date because it was seriously tasty cake.  I’m secretly hoping she’ll request it again, I’d love another slice.


Our cake wasn’t quite as ornate as the ones pictured in Rylin’s magazine, but it was really good. I served Rylin’s in a pink bowl for good measure.




Pink cake, anyone?






6 thoughts on “Pink Cake

  1. Aww! I don’t know what it is but it just makes my heart all mushy when it comes to Hank with Ryeligh… She sure has him wrapped.. I don’t even wanna know how it’s going to be when she gets older :/


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