Read This, Made That {Candy Corn}

In this cute little tale, 10 Trick-or-Treaters, the children’s cache of candy is displayed on the final page for a counting game.  The iconic candy corn was in the mix and naturally inspired our next craft.

To create our masterpieces, I cut orange construction paper into triangle shapes with rounded edges.  Next, I taped the triangles into the bottom of a shallow pan.  I dunked about 4-5 marbles into white tempera paint, dropped them into the pan, then let each child tilt the pan.  In time, the marble made its way across the paper several times over creating a striped effect.  I then dropped 4-5 marbles dipped in yellow paint and repeated the process.  When we were done rolling marbles, I thought they looked boring.  We added a dusting of orange glitter for sparkle.

After our works of art were complete, everyone sampled candy corn for the first time.  For a sweet and salty snack we also paired candy corn with salted peanuts.  Delicious!

Candy Corn craft: cut orange paper into triangles then roll marbles dipped in white and yellow paint over the paper


Do you have a favorite seasonal candy?



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