Proud Mama Moment

Yesterday was the coldest day of the season by far.  Temperatures were near freezing and the wind was gusting at about 65 miles per hour.  It was bitter cold (at least by Texas standards).  Yet, we opted to continue with our scheduled Christmas card photo session outdoors.  I layered everyone up with thermal onsies and warm socks, but it was far cooler than I imagined.  The quads fussed a little during the session, but did really well.  Our photographer offered to take a few extra shots at her in-home studio in case the outdoor ones didn’t turn out.  Everyone had noticeably red noses and hands.  We gladly accepted this offer, just in case the others were bad.  Naturally, everything took longer than we expected.  Traffic was brutal, we got stuck behind a sluggish train, and situating indoor lighting took time.   What we planned on taking one hour ended up running right past dinner time.   After the photo shoot, everyone was getting hangry (hungry + angry) and there was nothing quick to serve at home.  We stopped by our favorite Thai restaurant and crossed our fingers no one would expire.

While we awaited the arrival of our food, the quads played in the toddler area and befriended another little girl.  When dinner was finally ready, everyone noshed happily and cleaned their plates.

As we were wrapping up our meal a couple approached us.  The woman leaned in towards us and said, “Your family is beautiful!”  I beamed a little bit.  Then she said, “I just have to ask…” My heart sank.  What was she going to ask???  What did she feel compelled to ask at our dinner table?  Would it be one of the many curious, yet often intrusive questions we hear?  Our skin is getting thicker, and we are accustomed to reactions we get while out in public, but rude commentary still stings.  I held my breath just a bit as she continued, “Are they two sets of twins?”  WHEW!  Not bad.  At all.  I kindly replied, “Actually they are one set of quads.”  Instead of prying or asking 20 more questions, the woman simply added, “Well, they are exceptionally well-behaved.  You are doing a great job”.  It made my day!

At home, we work very had to teach the quads appropriate behavior.  They are two so they have plenty of tantrums, disobedience, and sibling scuffles.  A lot of these things, actually.  When we are away from home they do an exceptional job of demonstrating their good behavior.  It makes the effort worthwhile, and it makes me proud of them.


What was a proud moment for you?



14 thoughts on “Proud Mama Moment

  1. So true! They are so well behaved – Almost better than some of my elementary aged children! Keep up the good work you two!! 😉


  2. Amber, you and your husband are amazing! God chose two special people for their mommy and daddy, you guys are awesome! I really admire the job you guys have done, the four of them were a pleasure to have in our home and very well behaved! My husband and I both enjoyed meeting them and look forward to seeing them again!


    • Aww, thank you! It is a lot of work, but they are the light of our lives, and they make us proud. You two were great with them. Their laughter shows in the photos. Love it!


  3. Good job!!! I love when people compliment my kids and their behavior when we’re out. Sometimes when they are being totally two-sy at home I will take them out, it snaps them into their “good behavior” personas haha!


  4. Your family is beautiful! And there is really nothing more satisfying to hear than you have well-behaved kids. As a mom to two-year old twins, I especially like being told my kids are well-behaved. Perhaps because people may expect the opposite from multiple kids the same age? I don’t know. Anyway, good job, mama!


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