Sweet & Sassy

About a year ago, the boys enjoyed their first day in the salon, while the girls hair continued growing longer.  With their long wavy locks, they’ve become interested in choosing hair styles from pig tales to buns and embellishing with barrettes and bows.  And, I’ll admit I have fun styling them.  Even though we’ve been letting the girls hair grow, it started becoming scraggly and unkempt looking.

Next week the quads have the honor of serving as flower girls and ring bearers in a friend’s wedding, which meant it was time for the girls to visit the salon.  I wanted it to be a special day for them so I booked appointments at Sweet and Sassy, which specializes in children’s haircuts and princess glam.  Of course, I was also sure to print coupons from their website for $3 off weekday cuts!

A few weeks back I told the girls they would be getting haircuts, and Rylin jabbered about it almost daily until the big day.  Every time she brought it up, her eyes widened as she clasped her hands saying, “We’re going to the salon!”  Her excitement about receiving a beauty treatment was contagious, but can you blame her?  A trip to the salon is exciting.

Sweet & Sassy

When we arrived at the salon, each of the girls was greeted by her own stylist and situated in a chair with purple cape.  To sweeten the deal, the girls received sparkling pink lollipops to enjoy during their treatment.

Sweet & Sassy

Poppa and the boys tagged along for the event, and happily enjoyed lollipops in blue and green while they waited.

Sweet & Sassy

Since the girls were only getting a tiny trim to even their baby locks, the actual cuts probably took about two minutes apiece.  However, their beauty treatment was not yet done (thank goodness!  I wanted my money’s worth on this deal).  After receiving hair cuts, the girl’s hair was braided to look like Anna and Elsa from Frozen (their absolute favorite movie characters!)  To finish up the princess look, each girl’s hair was dusted in silver glitter and a sparkling star was affixed to their cheek.  Knowing these braids would be adorable for the wedding, I watched the process of braiding hoping to learn the technique.  Unfortunately, I’m inept at braiding so we will be doing something else.

Sweet & Sassy

Sweet & Sassy

Once the girls were finished, they couldn’t wait to have pictures snapped with Elsa and Anna.  To prove I was part of this day, they had their picture taken with me too.

Sweet & Sassy

Sweet & Sassy

The best part of this day is that the girls clearly felt beautiful following the experience.  They beamed all day long and were thrilled to show Daddy their new hair dos when he got home.



12 thoughts on “Sweet & Sassy

  1. Cute Girls Hairstyles on youtube is a Mum and her daughters teaching how to do all sorts of hair dos- easy to complex- plus you can pause and rewind on youtube. By the time the girls get to kindy you’ll be an expert.

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  2. Such beautiful girls! What fun to be together at the salon. I’m looking forward to photos of The Flower Girls. I love seeing all 4 so very happy–mom too. LOVE!


  3. We call those “French Braids”– beautiful. I used to be able to do my own but couldn’t do them on others. It matters not what you do, they will all be fabulous at the wedding!


    • I never could braid my own hair let alone some one else’s. 😉 You’re right though, they’ll be beautiful at the wedding! I have other styles I can manage.


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