Old McGuire’s Farm

Quite a while ago we promised the kids we would take them to visit our friend Ed’s cattle farm.  The kids periodically asked when we’d go, but we never carved out the time.  We even started singing “Old McGuire’s Farm” instead of “Old McDonald.”  This winter our farm visit finally came to fruition.  The weather turned out to be far cooler and windier than we anticipated, but everyone had a delightful experience nonetheless.

We started out with a cozy hayride to visit the angus cattle and buffalo.  I must admit, baby buffalo are cute critters.




Then it was time for each of the kids to take turns riding in various vehicles, including my favorite, a John Deere tractor.  Being a vehicle aficionado, Harper was elated!



One all the tractor rides were complete we were feeling pretty chilly.  A little hot chocolate and fire roasted s’mores helped keep us feeling warm, at least temporarily.



High straight line winds eventually convinced us to head into the barn for more adventure.  There, the kids took turns pretending to drive Ed’s vintage cars and chatted with his mounted deer.  George’s ventriloquist act thoroughly impressed the kids who genuinely believed the deer spoke to them.



Everyone had such fun exploring the farm that we cannot wait for a sunny spring day when we can go fishing in the pond!




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