Snore No More

Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Mason began snoring like my Grandpa used to- LOUD and rattly.  We all passed colds around in the winter so I presumed it was likely due to nasal congestion.  However, he continued snoring into the spring long after his congestion cleared, which concerned me.  I made an appointment with our Ear Nose and Throat doctor to get it checked, and Mason ended up getting a nasal scope.  He wasn’t too happy about the scope, but I was so glad we did it.  He had a 95% blockage in his airway from enlarged adenoids.  Unfortunately, with such significant blockage, surgery was warranted.

When the big day arrived, my dad happily babysat the other kids so George and I could both be with Mason before and after surgery.  Little man did really well.  He cooperated with the anesthesiologist and went back for surgery with not problems.  After surgery, he was slightly fussy, but calmed down easily with snuggles.   In the days that followed his adenoidectomy, Mason ran low grade fever and was more irritable than usual, but nothing significant.  After a week he was totally back to normal, no post surgery symptoms remained.  Since surgery, Mason breathes easily at night and his snoring completely stopped.




Mason slept well on the ride home and snuggled the stuffed dog he got from the hospital. He later named his dog “Boxy” and sleeps with it nightly.

If anyone in your family snores, especially children, don’t ignore it since it can be a sign of underlying problems.






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