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I am pretty behind on my blogging because frankly on my last days of going to work, I was zapped of all energy.  Last weekend my dear friend, Melissa hosted the most precious shower at her house with the help of my friends Terra and Nekedria.  It was so cute in fact, I think some of Melissa’s  ideas should be pinned on Pinterest.   They used my sea turtle story as inspiration for the theme, which was so personal and touching.    Every time I would go into a new room I would find some extra special detail in the decor.   For example, on the coffee table was a set of books wrapped in brown craft paper that displayed the names of the babies.  Behind the fireplace hung a clothesline holding  little onsies with hand painted turtles.  Baby bottles were stashed about that were filled with sea shells.  The cake even featured our blog name and a set of sweet sea turtles.  I felt so loved seeing all of the hard work they put into my shower.  Current and former colleagues were all there showing their love and support as well.  Our department secretary who retired almost two years ago even came, which was a wonderful surprise for me.  One group found a Brighton sea turtle charm bracelet that I will wear as a reminder of our journey and a symbol to show others.  I couldn’t read the cards because I knew they would start the waterworks and I wouldn’t be able to turn them off.  Below is a slide show of pictures so you can see everything for yourself. 



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3 thoughts on “Pin this!

  1. Beautiful shower to celebrate you and your upcoming family:) You look fabulous! Honor your body and rest when you need to…sleep as often as you can because before you know it, your belly will be empty and your arms will be full. Congrats my friend and former/eventual yogi:) Kathi


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