Meeting Stella

One of the highlights of my week was meeting my new niece, Stella.  Well, fur-niece that is.  Last weekend my sister adopted the most precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy and brought her for a visit later in the week.  It was funny, Stella is sooooo tiny, weighing in at about two pounds, but she’s probably close to the size our babies will be at birth.  We held Stella up to my belly and couldn’t imagine sticking four of her in there either!  There is no doubt, I am going to be roughly the size of a beluga whale by the end of this pregnancy.

Seeing my sister dote over her first baby was priceless.  It reminded me of when we got Sasha and how much of a baby she was.  We always tell newlyweds to get a puppy before they think about kids.  If you can’t handle a puppy, a baby is probably way out of your league.  Puppies are remarkably like infants (except of course you can leave them unattended for lengths of time and the don’t stay babies too long).  Courtney was talking about how Stella wakes her up every few hours crying, poops all the time, and puts everything in her mouth.  In fact, today, Courtney is taking Stella to the doggie ER because she may have eaten a screw!  I’m hoping it’s a false alarm and the screw is just missing.  Poor Stella!



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