The Cure-All

I have a simple non-medicinal solution for when I am feeling uncomfortable, thinking I am having more than one contraction, or just can’t relax.  BUBBLE BATH!!!! I make a nice lavender vanilla bubble bath, light a candle (or ten), and grab a magazine, which I read cover to cover before getting out of the tub.  I have amassed a stack magazines from various friends so they aren’t in short supply.  It always seems to do the trick.  I have done this dozens of times in the past month, sometimes even in the wee hours of the morning.  There have been days that I have taken two or three baths!  I don’t use particularly hot water as I’ve apparently become heat sensitive.  It’s pretty much lukewarm bath water, but it always does the trick.  Our water bill this month has spiked quite drastically….I’m sure my bath-taking has contributed to that.  However, I won’t take full credit since George also started running the sprinkler again.

notice the jump in water usage from April to May…



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