We finally had our growth scan today with Dr. Tabor. This is where they measure each of the babies major bones (e.g. skull, femur, thighs) as well as their fluids and estimate their weight. Everyone had great fluids and Rylin is apparently our “big girl”. She is on target or ahead of a singleton at this stage and weighs around 1 pound 5 ounces. The boys are within the average range (weighing just over a pound), but Sydney is our tiny one (right at a pound). Dr. Tabor gave us a scare when he started describing what he sees when there is something wrong with a baby or a baby that is starving. After giving me heart palpitations, he said that wasn’t the case with Sydney, but she is smaller than the others overall and smaller than a singleton at this age. He said that at this point, he’s not alarmed, but will be watching her very closely. I remember back to very early on our pregnancy that there was a tiny one and one that was much larger. At that point, Dr. Kaufman’s nurse said, “Oh this one is getting all the groceries!” (meaning the largest one). The difference between the smallest and largest baby early on (7-9 weeks) was about 5 days worth of growth. It makes me wonder if Rylin was the largest and Sydney was the smallest the whole time. Of course, I will never know for sure.

Since Dr. Tabor is not worried, I am not going to let myself get worried about it. I absolutely must stay calm to take care of these babies! Dr. Tabor is going to repeat the growth scan in three weeks to see how they are doing. George wants me to pack on the calories better to make sure there’s enough for everyone. I got really full while eating dinner, but George said, “You have to clean your plate!” So, I did, for Sydney. Please pray that Sydney gets whatever nourishment she needs to grow to a healthy size.



23 weeks, 3 days

9 thoughts on “Growing

  1. I have been reading your blog for a while 🙂 I only had triplets but I had one that was smallerthan the other 2 also. I delivered at 33 weeks and 2 days and they weighed 4lb, 4lb 1oz and 2lb 10oz. Cooper my smallest was a fighter from the start and would pull out his feeding tube and ivs! lol Other than being small was 100% fine and came home 26 days later with his brother and sister. I was shocked when they ALL came home together! I will keep you in my prayers ❤


  2. Amber, Still praying for you and a Looooonnnnngggg boring pregnancy! I know everything is going to turn out great! You’ve already got one that’s bigger than my Brynn was (1lb 4oz)! That’s so wonderful. I hope you are feeling good and not worrying too much.


  3. Glad that babies are doing well :-). Will pray that Sydney puts on the weight & takes off soon! So sweet of George! He is already taking on the protective Daddy role 🙂


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