It’s true, strict bed rest is no picnic.  It drives me batty to know I can’t go outside the walls of my bedroom and bathroom.  Sometimes I just want to get the mail.  However, it’s not as terrible as I imagined it would be either.  I went Pollyanna on it and  found a huge upside to it this first week of strict bed rest….I get to see my friends!!!  With busy work schedules and little time to take care of chores and such, we don’t see our friends nearly as often as we’d like.  With bed rest, my friends are so sweet they are coming to visit me =) 

My friend Judy brought us some yummy chicken salad sandwiches and salad earlier this week.  And the next day, our friends Billie and Bob brought over some more yummy chicken salad sandwiches for dinner!  It was hilarious that they all had the same meal idea.  We enjoyed it all anyways, and their company even more.      

On Wednesday before my doctor’s appointment, my cousin, Lindsay, came over with some Eatzi’s and took some amazing “bed rest” maternity pictures.  She did an amazing job of moving things around in our bedroom and fixing me up so it looks like I went to a studio or something.  Nope, all of the pictures were taken from my bed or chaise lounge!  Pretty cool!


When Lindsay said, “treat” Sasha and Lily sat for a quick picture.  Notice, Sasha’s tongue is hanging out. 



We didn’t have near enough baby blocks to spell out the babies’ names so we made a little Scrabble board on my tummy. 


Yesterday my Grandma and mom came over to help tidy up the house and fill out envelopes for promotions for multiples.  George was ecstatic to come home to a clean house.  Before their help, there were dust bunnies so large on my dresser that you could have made a life-sized bunny out of them. 

Today, our family friends, Terri and Kaylie, came over with some delicious Pei Wei.  They didn’t just keep me company, they also helped George hang things in the nurseries and walked the fur babies around the block.   You can’t have Pei Wei without a fortune cookie, look at what was inside mine: 


  George always says you’re supposed to add, “in the bed” to whatever the fortune cookie says.  It is technically true for me, I am touching the lives of many (well four for sure) in the bed while on bed rest. 


We have game night and pizza night with friends coming up soon!  Now, I bet you’re wishing you were on strict bed rest. 



11 thoughts on “Pollyanna

  1. Love, love love the pictures! She did an awesome job!! Glad you are able to see the bright side & make the most of bed rest :-). I am looking forward to our “lunch date” on Friday!! It’s been a long time since we’ve had one :-).


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