D day is Near

Well folks, I had another blood draw this morning and platelets dropped. Dr. Tabor cut the 24 hour urine analysis short and found protein in my urine so I do have preeclampsia. This means today is delivery day! We are excited, and nervous to finally meet our babies. Please pray for a safe, uneventful delivery. Your prayers have taken us this far and we continue to need them.



10 thoughts on “D day is Near

  1. Praying for you all-today you and George bcaome Mommy & Daddy and yur lives will be forever changed and blessed beyond any words I cld ever use to describe it! Love you all,


  2. woo hooo woo hoo – we are so excited for you guys!! Please let us know if you guys need anything at all!!


  3. Yea!! Babies!! Praying for happy heathy banies, easy (as much as possible) delivery, calm postive heathly mommy, happy calm helpful daddy, great day doctor/nurses. Congrats! 😉


  4. Im so excited for you guys:) between Becky, me and you are quads will all share a birthday week! Good luck, our prayers are with you! You have done so well- and I know you will continue to do well!


  5. Amber and George,

    We are so excited for you. As always, all of you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    We love you,
    Brad, Karen and Hayley


  6. “Lord please keep Momma, all four babies and daddy safe and calm. Let them feel your peace and control in the situation. Be with them now and all through there days. Thank you Jesus, amen!”


  7. Hello Amber and George: I am a friend of your aunt Carols. I have followed you through the entire time. Your blog has been such a joy to read. I am so happy for you all. Now I have another reason to celebrate the birth. They came on my birthday. So every year I will remember them.
    Be Happy
    Love to all


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