Are they triplets?

When Harper came home, we were told to expect Mason home the next week. However, when Harper left and Mason began gagging on his bottles, we were not hopeful. At 11:00 pm the night Rylin came home, we got a call from the hospital. Anytime you see the hospital’s number on caller ID, it is generally cause for concern especially at a late hour. I tried not to panic when I saw that 685 number, but I was anxious. To our surprise, it was Mason’s nurse asking where we left his car seat. Um, did she ask for Mason’s car seat???? Apparently, Mason’s nurses let him try his luck using Sydney’s preemie bottles and he began slugging back milk like nobody’s business. This meant Mason could join his siblings at home!

There was just one thing holding him back…the car seat test. But, Mason’s car seat was in our dining room waiting for him. Who knew he’d need it in the middle of the night? On top of that, the “twins” had a pediatrician appointment the next morning delaying our trip to the NICU. We didn’t let logistics keep Mason away too long. Mom and I took both Rylin and Harper to the pediatrician Friday morning then bolted to the hospital with Mason’s car seat. By the time we got there, it was time for Mason’s feed so the poor little guy had to wait until 30 minutes after eating to test. Chill Mason didn’t mind though. He finished his feed then passed his car seat test with flying colors!
As with Rylin, it was a bit of a mad dash to get Harper, Rylin, and then Mason home before the next feed. Again, I had to install another car seat into the van. This time, I was able to install it myself but found a little design flaw in the good ‘ol Routan. In the rear, there are three passenger seats, however there is only one LATCH system to install car seats. ARGH!!! Did they really make a van for just three car seats? I mean, there have to be other families with FOUR car seats, right? I was able to install Mason’s car seat in the single LATCH in the back, but it bothered me about when Sydney would come home. I called George in a fury telling him we needed to trade the stinking van in for a mammoth SUV before Sydney came home. Then, I took a breath and left car seat shenanigans for George.

While I fiddled with car seats, Mom and our nurse, Lisa, took Mason to the main entry for discharge. On their way out, many people inquired about the “triplets”. I think they just nodded at most, but they met one couple who got the true story. Mom isn’t sure why, but she apparently felt that they needed to know we had quadruplets. As it turned out, this particular couple currently has triplet boys in the NICU who were born at 25 weeks. I briefly met the couple, but in true quadruplet fashion, we were rushing out the door. I sensed they felt overwhelmed with high order multiples and hadn’t found much support. I mentioned that they could comment here so we could connect, but didn’t have the foresight to just exchange names and numbers. That would have been easy! Anyways, I was pretty self-absorbed with discharge at the moment. I do know that this family needs prayers from all of you that their tiny boys thrive and grow and that the parents have peace and calm as they weather the NICU journey. Being in the NICU is a long road, but they will too survive the NICU journey. I hope that should they read this post, they will make a comment so we can make a connection. Parenting high order multiples is a blessing and a challenge. I have already learned how much you must connect with the few others who walk in the same shoes. I am thankful every day for the MoMs who encourage and support me every day! Thank you quad and triplet mamas out there.



This cute little pink bottle got Mason home. We did buy him blue ones when he came home.

If this looks like a lot of babies, just wait until we add one more!

I got stuck in the back of the van due to all the car seats and had to slither out!

Aunt CiCi came to spend the night when Mason came home.

6 thoughts on “Are they triplets?

  1. I’ve been stalking your blog for awhile and know the girl with the triplets!! Her blog is Dr. Tabor was her Dr. too. They are in need of prayers and need Gods healing at this time.


  2. Ohhh my heart is fully of joy and an overwhelming need to cuddle a lil babe! 😉
    As a mommy wanna be, im here to support too! lol! Hope things are still well and thanks for going back to fill us in on how they all came home.


  3. we have the routan too! we put two seats in the back and one in the middle, but my husband did all of that so i have no idea how. 🙂 if you think you might use dr. brown’s bottles for awhile i have a whole box full that i’ve been waiting to give to another multiples mom! and i’ll be keeping the other triplet family in my prayers. that is a long road.


    • Hi Cristina! Okay, so cool that you have a Routan too! George messed with the seats for a while and figured out that the boy seats fit in the back but the girl ones don’t! So weird. I’m trying to avoid using Dr. Brown’s anymore, but will let you know if we end up needing them for the long haul. We converted Mason to Avent this week, but Sydney will take longer. If she gets too attached to Dr. Brown, we will need bigger ones. Please keep praying for the triplet parents, I found out that they lost two of their sweet boys this week. They are in great need of healing.


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