No Baby Left Behind

Just a few short weeks ago, I was in tears over Sydney.  She had a mild case of pneumonia and reflux.  It pained me to see the color drained from her sweet face and how far behind she was falling.  Her neonatologist let me know that she was getting a transpiloric feeding tube to bypass her stomach for several weeks as she outgrew the refulx.  He did not want her attempting to bottle feed for two weeks at least.  On top of that she would need IV’s of antibiotics for a week.  I  fought back tears as the doctor told me Sydney would be many weeks coming home behind her siblings.  When the doctor left, the floodgates opened.

Later that week, Sydney had a blow out diaper and managed to push her tube out.  The neonatologists rotated so a new doctor was in charge.  This particular doctor opted to keep the transpiloric tube out and use a regular NG feeding tube through her nose to tummy.  As an added bonus, she was responding beautifully to the antibiotics.  I knew she felt better because she started fussing furiously when her diaper was left unchanged or if someone disturbed tape on her delicate skin.  Due to her improvement, the doctor said she COULD try to bottle feed once a day.  I was ecstatic the first time she got the opportunity to bottle feed, but it was an epic fail!  Sydney was no more interested in her bottle than I am in fly fishing.  We continued to expose her to bottle feeds tirelessly each day to no avail.  At best, she sipped 7 or 8 milliliters and that just wouldn’t cut it.  The NG tube remained.

When Harper was ready to come home I became very sad for Sydney and concerned about how we could slit time among babies in two places.  In a last stitch effort, I brought Sydney a few Dr. Brown’s bottles with a preemie nipple.  Most mothers of quads, triplets, or probably any preemie will say they used Dr. Brown’s bottles.  This is because they are pretty much the only manufacturer with enough sense to make a preemie nipple.  Practical (or lazy) me fought tooth and nail to avoid using Dr. Brown’s bottles.  Not because they aren’t fantastic products, but because they are a pain to clean and we have 32 bottles to contend with per day!  Each Dr. Brown bottle has a bottle, straw, connector, flange, nipple, and lid.  Multiply that by four and you have 24 parts x 8 feedings, which leaves 192 not so easy to clean parts.  Thus, I chose the easy to clean Avent bottles.  While Rylin and Harper took the to the Avent, they were just too big for tiny Sydney and apparently Mason too.  Within days of me bringing a new bottle, Sydney began taking FULL feeds and was expected to come home!  When we left Mason’s car seat, we had learned from experience to leave Sydney’s as well.  It paid off because Sydney came home just two days after Mason.  She was certain that no baby would be left behind!

Now that Sydney is home, our family is complete and it feels so good!  Don’t worry, the adventure is far from over. We’ve tackled a high risk pregnancy, birth, and seven week NICU stay, but having babies at home is an all new adventure.  Stay tuned!



Thanks to this little pink bottle, both Mason and Sydney came home within days of their siblings.

car seat test in progress

George had to work the day Sydney came home, leaving Nisey and Grandad to babysit the others. Aunt CiCi came to pick Sydney up.

I shed a few tears when we said our final goodbye to Lisa. She made everything in the NICU better for us!

Siblings reunite

11 thoughts on “No Baby Left Behind

  1. You are amazing, but we already knew that! How do you find the time to do these posts with 4 infants at home? We appreciate the info. One day, they will treasure these. I hope you will consider writing a book. We love all of you so much.
    Brad, Karen and Hayley


    • Aw, thanks! I sort of write the posts in my head first and when I find moments here and there put them into print. It takes me a few days sometimes to totally finish, but I do. I am thinking I want to print each post and get them bound at the end of the year in lieu of their baby book. It is a great journal for them. I can’t wait for you to come see them at home.


  2. So I have been faithfully reading your blog now for 4 weeks since I found out I was having quadruplets. Thank you for blogging about your journey, I am now a little less terrified and a little more excited. So glad all four of your babies are home. I am currently 9 weeks and I am looking forward to the journey as well.


    • Hi Erin!
      Congratulations on entering the ranks of MoMs! Being pregnant with quads can be scary at times, but it is such a rich and unique experience. I always tried to embrace each moment and remember there was a reason God chose to bless us with four all at once. I still keep that in mind as we tackle the new challenges of having quads. I am happy my experiences can help you!


      • Would it be okay if I emailed you? I have some questions. No rush I just really need some advice about things to register for.


      • Oh my goodness, thank you so much. I will email you after you finish your survival guide post. Looking forward to it. I really appreciate all your help. It means a lot.


  3. Love this post! Congrats on having the whole brood home. And what a winner with the idea to bring the Dr. Brown bottle to the NICU for Sydney. She’s an amazing little girl already! You look so fantastic, I have to admit I’m a wee bit jealous. How are you doing it girl? Okay, and I’m also going to post a step-by-step blog feature on how we handle our 32 Dr. Brown bottles with ease so maybe it’ll give you some ideas to make your life easier! Keep up the good work Amber!!! You are doing it!


    • Hey Girl! I have you to thank for the dr. brown’s, I had the bottles, but you sent me the preemie nipples!!! I might not have thought of it had you not sent them to me. Sydney is amazing as little as she is. I think I’ve shed lots of pounds forgetting to eat! It is not healthy, but I’d be in the NICU all day and couldn’t eat in the room so I would just forget to eat meals. I also do an ab exercise three times a day (just ten reps) to help reconnect my separated ab muscles. Did your abs separate??? Shedding weight hasn’t been too hard, but my stomach is saggy and poochy because the muscles don’t connect. I think I have a decent bottle washing system down now, but can’t wait to see how you do it! I am thinking of a post about all the things that make quad life possible at our house…stay tuned!


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