Crafting with Courtney

George and I both have very small immediate families.  I have just one sister, Courtney (aka Aunt CiCi) and he is a lonely an only child.  That means that the fab four have just one aunt and no uncles (At least not yet….ahem, eligible bachelors).  They couldn’t have a better person for the job though.  If you are going to have just one aunt, Aunt CiCi is the gal for the job!

I often conjure up creative ideas and crafty projects, but execution isn’t always quite right.  I can’t cut in a straight line to save my life and I usually glue my fingers together if adhesives are involved.  When Mom tried to teach me to sew, I ended up with wonky pajama pants that had the drawstring backwards and uneven legs.  Thankfully, Courtney is excellent and executing my next great idea, and she enjoys doing it too  I even have a board on Pinterest entitled “Things Courtney Should Sew” because the heavens know I could never make these fab things come to fruition.  Her baby gift to the crew was sewing their curtains and bedding.  She still has quilts in the works, but they don’t need them for quite a while anyways.  Perhaps they’ll make good first birthday present?

A few weekends ago she helped me alter elastic headbands to fit the girls and hot glue hundreds (well not hundreds, but lots) of flowers to alligator clips.  Every baby girl needs a headband with huge flower to go with EVERY outfit, right?  Well, as our first Halloween is fast approaching I realized we needed costumes of course.  There aren’t exactly tons of cute costumes for newborns so Courtney found a really cute idea on Pinterest.  This particular idea involved sewing so of course that meant this was no task for me.  Courtney couldn’t let her nieces and nephews go without adorable first Halloween costumes so she came over for the day and helped make made the babies costumes.  I have to say they turned out absolutely fantastic!  You will have to wait until our Halloween post to see the final product.  Any guess as to what they will be???

Harper and Rylin made sure to wear shirts showing their love for Aunt CiCi. They figured if they flattered her a bit, she’d keep up all the crafting. Notice the huge flower on Rylin’s head? That is all thanks to Aunt CiCi.

“Team Aunt CiCi” plus one furry fan

While Rylin and Harper wanted to flatter Aunt CiCi, Mason and Sydney gave props to mom.

“Team Mommy”


Courtney’s got all the pieces out and ready to go!

Courtney’s roomie, Carlyn, is kind enough to share her sewing machine with us. When they no longer room together, I’ll have to buy Courtney a sewing machine so she can keep up all her crafting on our behalf.

While Courtney was busy crafting, I realized that Sydney already enjoys being read to. Green Eggs and Ham seems to be a favorite. The limited color palate in the books is probably quite appealing to an infant.







12 thoughts on “Crafting with Courtney

  1. Amber,

    I love that you are still posting pictures and updates about the babies and all. They are you guys are too precious. I want just wondering if you ever go the bibs that Bill mailed to you? I hope that you did and could use them.


    Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 18:58:45 +0000 To:


    • We enjoy sharing our story and are so happy others enjoy.
      Omg about the bibs! I am so embarrassed I forgot to send a thank you note. It was on my to do list at one point. We did get them and use many bibs daily so they are appreciated.


  2. Since they are commonly referred to as the fab four, I think they’ll be the Beatles 🙂

    They sure are getting those cute chubby little baby cheeks. They are looking so healthy!


  3. Way to go Aunt CiCi, what a wonderful thing to do. The babies are just so adorable and I can’t wait to see them. Love ya’ll.


  4. Can’t wait to see their costumes! By the way, I thought books with one clear picture on each page, or on a white background, were the best when the twins started clueing in. Eric Carle and the Bright Baby books were our early faves.


    • Good suggestions for books! We have some Eric Carle books already. I started with baby board books, but they were so boring and I didn’t stay on the page long enough for them because there was no content. Will revisit those when the babies interact more.


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