Maiden Voyage

When we purchased our Runabout stroller, we anticipated not being able to use it until the spring. We figured the babies would need to sit up without support and the weather wouldn’t be appropriate until the spring. However, today was an absolutely lovely day in Texas! If I didn’t know better, I would say it was April. The sun was brilliant and it was temperate; the perfect day to head outdoors. Normally we would use our twin strollers, but I saw that the Jones Quints (who live nearby) were using their Ruanbout this week. If they could Runabout why couldn’t we? Our babies may not be able to sit independently, but they have reasonable neck and trunk control. So, we took our Runabout in the neighborhood for it’s maiden voyage!

The entire family, including the furbabies, loved it! I think the babies enjoyed being able to sit up and see what was in front of them. When we got back, they were all relaxed and in a great mood. The stroller is so easy to maneuver and we even took turns jogging with it. After all, it is a jogging stroller than can go up to 10 mph. Not that I envision either of us ever running 10 mph with our without a Runabout. It was easier for one of us to wrangle the dogs while the other pushed the stroller. As far as neighbors and onlookers they were all so nice! We got plenty of marveling glances and a few cute questions from kids, but not one rude remark. One little boy asked if it was heavy to push because it was so big while another inquired about Sydney’s hemangioma. When George explained it was a birthmark, the boy replied, “Like Harry Potter?” Too cute! We live in such a great place for the quads to grow up.


I like the babies to wear sunglasses to protect their peepers.  Sydney's glasses were too big so she wore Mason's.  He wore his Build A Bear's aviators!

I like the babies to wear sunglasses to protect their peepers. Sydney’s glasses were too big so she wore Mason’s. He wore his Build A Bear’s aviators!

I think George looks handsome with his Runabout!

I think George looks handsome with his Runabout!



PS- the best part about the Runabout is that I can now walk the babies solo!

18 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

  1. Amber, Sure couldn’t tell you’ve had four babies, let alone all at once. You look slim, trim, fit and fabulous. Blessings….


  2. How cute!!
    I was thinking the same thing… 10 mph?! lol I guess thats only when you pull it behind the van! lol!!
    Those sunglasses are so cute! Cant believe they keep them on!


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