Toddler Tip #457: Improvised Seats

With each passing day, I find myself trying to solve some new challenge with raising four toddlers, aka “quaddlers”. They are a cunning lot who inspires a little ingenuity on my part (and George’s) just to manage day to day life. While my ideas are born from being surrounded by four toddlers, I think many of them could be helpful to any parents of little ones so I'm sharing.

This weekend, we headed to Nisey and Poppa’s for a family dinner. In the past, we brought our Super Seats for mealtime away from home.  It was easy to line the babies up for a spoon feed, or to pull them right up to the dining room table for finger feeding.

The Super Seats are amazing for traveling spoon feeds!  Love them!

However, we recently parted ways with our beloved seats as the quads were getting too big for them, and I was tired of storing them.  I refuse to spend money on any more booster seats because I know they would be short lived.

Instead, we improvised at dinner using an old trick I learned from my cousin, Jennifer. We boosted each child with a floor cushion.  We then tied the apron strings around the back of the chairs to keep each child seated.  This little tip worked especially well since I forgot to put bibs in the diaper bag. The aprons covered the majority of the quad’s clothing and laps.  For some reason, by parents happen to keep four aprons, which was perfect.

Use an apron and a pillow/ cushion/ phone book to make a booster seat when eating away from home with toddlers.

Phone books would have worked well for boosting, but Nisey and Poppa only had one remaining. I think the internet made phone books nearly obsolete.

Use an apron and a pillow/ cushion/ phone book to make a booster seat when eating away from home with toddlers.

The quads didn’t stay at the table as long as they have in booster chairs or the quad table, but our improvised seats enabled them to self feed and for the adults to enjoy dinner.  A win-win in my book!  After dinner, I just shook the crumbs off the aprons and hung them back in the pantry for next time.






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