Read This, Made That {Spindly Spiders}

In this tale, Happy Halloween, Max pulls out all the stops including dangling rubber spiders in a futile attempt to scare Ruby.  The quads absolutely L-O-V-E waiting for the end of the book when Ruby startles Max.   In honor of Max’s not-so-scary spider, we made our own spindly spiders.

We had black dessert plates from the quad’s birthday party that we used as the spider body.  I punched eight holes around each plate and let the kids string pipe cleaners through the holes.   I then dotted the center of the each plate with glue and let them stick an assortment of googly eyes. For a little more pizzazz, I swirled more glue onto the spider and let the quads dust them in black glitter.

paper plate spider with pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes




Psstt…Don’t forget to share your pictures on our Facebook page if you try any of our craft projects.  We’d love to see your handiwork!

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