Read This, Made That {Tissue Paper Pumpkin}

I cannot take the credit for implementing this adorable craft, but it is the kid’s handiwork.  Last week our family friend, Billie, babysat and brought a craft for the quads.  Being a former preschool teacher, Billie is a pro with the crew.

She printed jack-o-lantern coloring sheets from Make and Takes and colored the faces with black marker.  Then, she pre-cut and wadded orange and green tissue paper into squares.  She dotted glue along the pumpkin and let the quads stick orange tissue squares there.  Then she dotted more glue along the stem and vine for the green squares.

The activity paired well with The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever!, coincidentally a gift from Billie.  There are flaps throughout the book, and the goal is to find and count all of the hidden pumpkins. Beneath the final flap is an enormous jack-o-lantern.

tissue paper stuck onto pumpkin coloring sheet, toddler fine motor craft



PS- Don’t forget to share photos of your Halloween art on our Facebook page!  We’d love to see it.

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