Gateway Church Southlake {A Spot to Visit with Tots}

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I’ve found that everyone’s mood and behavior is always best when we play outdoors at least 30 minutes daily.  However, sometimes winter weather puts a damper on outdoor play.  I’ve been searching for indoor options to help keep everyone active.  Thanks to our local mothers of multiples groups, we’ve discovered several fabulous indoor play areas.  Many of our local churches maintain indoor play areas that are free and open to the public.  This week, we joined our mothers of multiples group for a play date at the Children’s Indoor Play Area at Gateway Church Southlake.  Someone counted 19 children and seven moms with our group.  It was a nice turnout!  The quads had a great time playing in this cheerful, bubble themed play area.  I was grateful that my friend, Kristin, tagged along to help me watch all four.


700 Blessed Way

Southlake, Texas 76092


8 am – 8 pm weekdays



Favorite Features:

Did I mention it’s FREE???

Since the play area is indoors, it’s climate controlled and clean.

The play area includes several ride on toys (e.g. train, ark) that do not require coins to operate.  There are small climb on toys for young toddlers and a large climber and slide for older children.


The entrance to the children’s play area is on the north side of the church.  Look for the signs and you can park close to the entry.

Shoes cannot be worn in the play area, so be sure your kids are wearing socks.

Gateway play area

Sydney and Mason were the only ones brave enough to climb to the top of the play area. Sydney had so much fun, I had to go up and get her down myself.



Gateway play area

The boys got plenty of practice taking turns driving the coveted fire engine.

Gateway play area

Rylin did not care for the larger climbing area and instead took refuge on this pack of gum.

If you aren’t in the Dallas Fort Worth area, chances are local churches in your area have similar play areas. Ask around! There are several other indoor play areas we plan to try this season.



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