Annual Sit with Santa

When the quads were infants, we were on lock down due to their premature immune systems.  Although I wanted them to have keepsake pictures with Santa, it wasn’t worth the risk of taking them out in public.  Even lock down couldn’t keep Santa away from the babies.  He surprised us with a visit and we captured some adorable keepsake pictures.

Santa watching over sleeping babies

Last year, we were still hesitant to take them to wait in long lines and still had lingering fears of germs.  Santa was kind enough to drop by our house for a second visit.


I think we’ll always worry a little about germs (the mere thought of FOUR sick kids is horrible), but we are letting go of them to experience the world.  This evening they had an opportunity to visit with Santa at our mothers of multiples Christmas party.  I’ve seen the classic kids wailing on Santa’s lap pictures, and wondered what the quads would do this year.  They didn’t grin for the camera, but not one tear was shed.  They treated Santa just like everyone else we meet.


Santa wasn’t satisfied with just visiting the children, and insisted Mom and Dad have a chat too.

family picture with Santa





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