No Skid Toddler Slippers

We have A LOT of tile in our house, which tends to be cold underfoot, and I hate having cold feet.  I wear slippers a lot of the time, especially during the winter. Apparently the kids took note and developed and minor obsession with slippers. In fact, they wear slippers in the house almost daily. The girls were ecstatic when they received princess slippers from our quad buddies, The Bells. However, these adorable slippers were a bit eh, slippery on our tile. The girls practically ice skated all over the place and hit the ground a bit too much for comfort.  I’m admittedly over anxious about head injuries since I had a concussion at age six from slipping in a pair of socks on the hardwood floors.

DIY no skid toddler slippers

DIY no skid toddler slippers

After the quads were tucked into bed, I rummaged through our craft cabinet and found some Tulip dimensional fabric paint.  In about five minutes time, I dotted the paint over the preexisting dots on each slipper.  I then let them dry overnight.  By morning the girls donned no skid slippers!   It was such a simple fix.  It also works on socks, footed pajamas, or any other soft soled shoe.

DIY no skid toddler slippers

DIY no skid toddler slippers



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