QMBFF Annual Trip

One year ago, I took a risk and took a road trip with my friend, Amber to meet up with three other quad moms we’d only met online.  Despite forming incredible bonds with these women online through a shared experience, we had not met them in person.  We presumed we’d hit it off, but it was uncertain, and I was slightly nervous.  What if these girls were nut jobs?!?!

Within five minutes of meeting each other everyone was at ease and we all felt as if we’d been long time friends.  Our girl’s weekend in Gruene, TX was such a success we immediately began planning a second annual trip.  Over the course of the year, we maintained our daily chats and dubbed ourselves “QMBFFs”, meaning Quad Mom Best Friends Forever.  This time, we decided to head Krista’s direction to Lake Tahoe, California.  A friend of hers kindly allowed us to stay in her gorgeous, cozy cabin for the weekend.  Despite a year of planning and daily chats, we couldn’t believe when it was finally time to meet in person again.  Honestly, the five (Amber, Ashley, Becky, Krista, and me) of us would be happy anywhere so long as we had time together, but this cabin and it’s tree scape was stunning.

tahoe cabin

I had to chuckle upon entering the cabin when a set of quadruplet dolls situated in double strollers greeted us!  (The owner of the cabin is the mother of twin girls, hence the twin dolls and strollers.)

QMBFF trip

The first night we settled into the cabin and exchanged gifts amongst each other.  I think all five of us had the same sentiment to share a token of friendship with the friends we only see annually.  It was such an event, I am actually writing a separate post about all of the goodies we received.  Stay tuned!

QMBFF trip

Our first full day of the trip was devoted to relaxation!  Ironically on a day we could sleep late, Becky and I were both up by 5:50 am.  Taking account the time difference it was nearly 8:00 for me, but still, who wakes up at 8:00 am on vacation?!?!?  After enjoying cups of warm coffee, three of us set off to enjoy a scenic walk.

Later in the day, Krista arranged for a massage therapist to see each of us.  Goodness was I overdue for a massage!  The last one I had was prenatal, which means it was THREE years ago and oodles of stress later.  The knots in my neck were so bad she advised icing them for the rest of the day.  While we waited for our respective turns getting a massage, we chatted, snacked, played games, napped, and just enjoyed being without responsibility or stress.  In the evening we enjoyed a little time in the spa while sipping smuggled in vino.  I’m notoriously rule bound and had to get over the “No alcohol beyond this point” sign, which proved rather humorous for the girls.  We weren’t discovered so it was all good!

QMBFF trip

QMBFF trip

QMBFF trip

That evening, we snuggled up on the couch for a movie.  I may or may not have fallen asleep during the movie at about 9:30 pm…Again…it was 11:30 pm central time, which is my typical bedtime.

QMBFF trip

After a full day of relaxation, we set out for an adventure the next day.  When we made reservations at the Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park, some of us thought it was a zip lining tour.   Instead, it was what I’d consider a “high ropes course” with some zip lining opportunities.   As it turns out, Amber, Ashley and I have an almost crippling fear of heights we needed to conquer.  At one point, Amber and I were in near tears as we navigated a tight rope that seemed to be about 200 feet from the ground.  There were no escape hatches so we worked together and finished what we started.  Despite some fearful moments, it was a wonderful team building experience.  Also, we learned that Becky and her family could start a circus act together.  Being a former gymnast, Becky gleefully soared through the course.  I think she also learned to embrace her children’s antics in acrobatics once she realized it’s in their genes to climb.  Coincidentally, her husband is an arborist who spends his days hanging from the trees!


We were clad in matching shirts made by Ashley that read “Raising Quads #neveradullmoment #QMBFFSgetit”.

After being outfitted in the necessary gear we were ready for “ground school” where we learned how to use our equipment safely.

QMBFF trip

QMBFF trip

QMBFF trip

Ashely is considering taking up a career as a lumberjack….

QMBFF trip

From left to right the arrows indicate our locations- Amber B., Me, Ashley, and Krista.  At this point, I am warily managing the tight rope that in-sighted so much fear.  Thankfully for me, I witnessed Ashley successfully managing it so I knew I could too.

ropes course tight rope


It may not have been 200 feet up, but if you look down it is terrifying!!!


And this is what Becky thought of the same challenge…she’s grinning from ear to ear!  This earned her the nickname, “Monkey”.

QMBFF trip


After about 2.5 hours of exhilarating fun and terror, we were greeted by this little monkey…

QMBFF trip

We worked up quite an appetite while monkeying around so we grabbed burgers and beer.

As always, parting ways at the end of the trip was bittersweet.  I was ready to be reunited with my little munchkins and George, but sad to bid my friends farewell.  I wholeheartedly believe little getaways like this recharge us so we return as better wives and mothers.  I’m grateful for these friends and the opportunities to spend time with them in person.  To ease the sting of leaving, we naturally began planning the next grand adventure.  In 2016 we are headed north to Becky’s home state of Michigan, which she lovingly calls “The Mitten”.

custom made QMBFF shirts by Apple Dumpling Boutique



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