Hands Healed, Odors Obliterated {Cindy’s Suds Product Review & GIVEAWAY ended 9/29/15}

Congratulations to Becca Ramirez, Cindy’s Suds Giveaway winner!

While I was expecting quadruplets, I connected with Becky who was also expecting quads. She and I shared the many joys and woes of a quadruplet pregnancy.  Her babies were delivered three short days before mine, and we’ve shared a special bond since.  During the dog days of caring for preemie infants, Becky sent me a lovely care package first time mom survival kit which included Cindy’s Suds Healing Salve (hand made by her sister, Cindy).  At the time I was HAND WASHING about 200 bottle parts daily and bathing in hand sanitizer to keep germs off my fragile babies.  My hands took a toll and easily could have been mistaken for hands of a 90 year old woman.  After the skin began splitting on my knuckles and hands, I applied the healing salve to them a few times daily.  My hands not only smelled divine, they started healing and feeling soft again.  Since a little salve goes a long way, I had salve in my medicine cabinet for almost two years.

This year on our Quad Mom Trip; I was elated when Becky brought another care package that included Healing Salve.  Becky mentioned applying the salve to her kids’ eczema as well as other boo boos.  When I got home, I began using it on Harper’s patchy cheeks, arms and legs.  Guess what?  His skin has never been better.  He’s still a little dry, but MUCH better!

Over the years, Cindy expanded her online shop to include a variety of products for home and body all of which are hand crafted using naturally derived materials.  Because Cindy is a Physician’s Assistant she’s able to utilize her medical background to develop products that are not only safe, but also beneficial to the skin.  After reading an article penned by Cindy, I realized that Harper has a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris, which causes bumps on the backs of arms, legs, cheeks, and buttocks.  KP can be treated with a variety lifestyle changes and products, including Healing Salve.


Thanks to Becky’s introduction, I knew I was a fan of Cindy’s Suds and was therefore honored to provide a product review/ giveaway.   Cindy sent samples of Healing Salve, Germ Guard, and Lavendar Calendula Soap.  These samples could not have arrived at a more opportune time than potty training with quadrplets.  I may not be washing bottle parts anymore, but whilst potty training quads, I’m back to hand scrubbing and sanitizing making my hands take a haggard appearance again.  Plus, potty training led to numerous accidents and potty mischief, which created unsavory odors in our home.  At one point I thought someone was using an “ewwww de toilette” home fragrance bar in our house.  It was horrific.  On several occasions, I resorted to wearing a surgical mask to clean messes made with training pants and naughty hands (no pictures to spare your eyes, but it was Hazmat worthy).   After a few of these disgusting clean ups I decided to give Germ Guard a whirl and I was astounded at it’s ability to obliterate foul odors and leave a pleasant spicy scent behind.





In addition to bathroom odors, Germ Guard works as a hand sanitizer, surface cleaner, and will zap stench from about anything imaginable including sneakers.  This pair of Nike shoes almost got chucked they smelled so bad, but Cindy’s Suds spared them.  After a few applications the funk was banished for good.




After days of too much hand sanitizer and repeated washing, the skin on my knuckles cracked and split.


After two days of applying Healing Salve, my hands were much smoother.


Finally after about 5-7 days of applying salve my hands were fully healed and looking normal again.  To prevent cracking from re-occurring, I’ve been applying salve when I wash dishes and after I shower.  I haven’t had cracks since.



After reading about KP and taking our pediatrician’s advice to use bar soap, I started using Cindy’s soap on the kids.  It has a fantastic lather and nice, light scent that’s not overpowering for children.  Along with Healing Salve, Harper’s skin is maintaining a much smoother appearance and softer texture.


I was thoroughly impressed with each of the products we tried in Cindy’s lineup.  At first I thought the bottle of Germ Guard was a bit too small, but soon realized you don’t need to spray much for effective odor busting. This bottle should last us a while and then I’ll have to replenish.  I believe Germ Guard is now a household staple.



To enter to win your own Healing Salve and Germ Guard, please visit Cindy’s Suds  to decide what products peak your interest.  Then, visit a Rafflecopter giveaway to cast your entries. The contest is open to U.S. residents only. The giveaway closes at 12:00 am CST, Tuesday, September 29 and the winner will be selected using rafflecopter.com and announced on Wednesday, September 30. The winner will have 48 hours to reply to email notification or another winner will be chosen.

Disclaimer: I would like extend a special thanks to Cindy’s Suds for providing product samples for us to try for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was received, and all thoughts/ opinions are 100% my own. 

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27 thoughts on “Hands Healed, Odors Obliterated {Cindy’s Suds Product Review & GIVEAWAY ended 9/29/15}

  1. How far did you make it before giving birth? I just hit 23 weeks and am hoping to make it to 28 weeks but am getting super sore and tired ( and sleeping is so hard ). I also have had the feeling that I am going to get sick sometimes I’m not to sure what that is from. Any advice for the last long haul ? Katie (muchard quad squad ?

    Sent from my iPhone



    • It got hard for me about 21-22 weeks and I ended up on bed rest. I managed to go to 30 w 5 d, my personal goal was 32 weeks. I know how much it taxes your body, but try to stay positive and go as long as you possibly can. I’ve got a post about tips for high risk pregnancies. I’ll look for it and share later. Stay hydrated, rest, listen to your body and go to the hospital if you feel off. Good luck!


  2. The hand salve and germ guard look like they would be right up my alley. I have 9 month old twin boys and with winter around the corner my hands could use it! The germ guard I will be looking into because I love to sanitize everything!


    • You’d love the germ guard! I’ve been using it mostly to sanitize surfaces, including carpets and linens, but it’s a great (non drying) hand sanitizer too.


  3. I d love to try all of Cindy’s products as they all sound wonderfully effective. The healing salve would be my 1st choice for now as i’m about to start potty trainning my girl too. Not looking forward to yhe messes by those naughty hands at all


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