Skelly Dog

As we cruised the aisles of Costco, George stopped in his tracks. “Skelly dog is FIVE DOLLARS!!!”, he proclaimed with delight. I sighed, knowing exactly what he was thinking. He added, “It was $10, but now it’s only $5. I NEED this.” I could have sworn this was one of my children clamoring over a new toy instead of my husband. Sarcastically, I remarked, “Need? Really?!?!” This Halloween decoration, a skeleton mutt, was as unappealing to me as George’s prized Halloween decoration, Elmer.

Yet, I knew we’d adopt the little mongrel because George loved it.  What surprised me was how much Harper also loved the little fella.  When we got home, Harper insisted we open Skelly Dog from his box right away.  Then, he proceeded to carry him around gleefully.  Last Halloween, Harper was terrified of George’s kitschy Halloween decor, but this year he’s all aboard.  It looks like George may have a protege after all.  Halloween has never been my favorite holiday, but my family is certainly warming my heart to the holiday.

A boy and his dog….



On Halloween night, Elmer will escape from the attic to perch on our porch with our little pet, Skelly Dog.  Happy Halloween!



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3 thoughts on “Skelly Dog

  1. I feel your pain. Haha. Kurt tried to convince me this morning that he should get a $100 Halloween costume. Got to love the holidays and our “boys”. We are loving all the Halloween decorations in our neighborhood.


  2. ohhhh so cute!
    I love halloween! I do have to change how I see somethings to help the little ones process the scary aspects. But personally – I LOVE TO BE SCARED! I think that comes from my dad. As a kid I would know my dad would be hiding behind me, but not sure when he would “scare” me. I would be giggling in excitement while waiting. then would the “BOO” would finally come, I would scream/laugh so loud. I still have that reaction while walking through haunted houses! I hope Mason and Harper’s cuteness can help you learn to enjoy halloween a bit more each year!
    Love my Shawvers! 😉


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