Tut, tut it looks like rain!

I have been assigned to Bonnie Brae Elementary for five years now, and I’ve come to know the staff there over the years.  I’ve always known the staff was special and sort of like an extended family, I never expected the wonderful shower they planned for the quads.  The original date was set for this past Tuesday, but the weather turned quite tumultuous that day.  Severe storms and about 13 tornadoes ravished the metroplex.  By the time school dismissed, most of the teachers only wanted to get to their families and homes, so we postponed the shower.  This was perhaps one of the worst series of storms in the area in a long time.  In fact several towns are considered “disaster areas”.  There were homes and building that were completely  flattened.  18 wheeler trucks were tossed like toys and dropped on homes.  However, despite the destruction, there were very few injuries and everyone survived.  It was quite miraculous!

Postponing the shower did not make one bit of a difference for our Bonnie Brae shower though, the staff touched me with their love and support for George, me, and the quads.  They did a lovely job decorating and making it special.   Our art teacher, Jen, custom made each of the babies a turtle picture frame and onsies labeled “Baby 1”, “Baby 2”, “Baby 3” and “Baby 4”, which hung on a clothesline.  Another teacher, Danielle, and her daughter, Abby, made an amazing diaper cake!  It was three tiers of diapers (that we will use later) adorned with spoons, bottle brushes, tiny socks, and pacifiers.  I was taken aback by all of the thoughtful gifts each person gave brought, and was amazed that even very new staff members were there too.

When I came home in the evening, George was completely amazed at what the staff of Bonnie Brae had done, and was so appreciative of their generosity.   We spent several hours going through each gift and talking about who brought it.  Then we sorted everything and stored it on the new shelves George built in the nursery closets.  A week that started out with a terrible storm ended in a beautiful shower of love!



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