Mission Organization!

When we bought our house six years ago, we thought we’d grow into it, but we had NO idea how much.  In six years time, we’ve done a lot of stuff collecting.  That means both spare bedrooms and their closets were filled to capacity.  That does not make for good nurseries, especially not shared nurseries.  George was willing to part with his exercise equipment and sold all of it on Craigslist, but the closets were still full of photos, gift wrap, miscellaneous junk, camping gear, and the list goes on.  We cleaned out as much as we could, but the stuff still had to go somewhere.  It migrated to our upstairs room where it sat for weeks.  While no one that visited our house saw the enormous pile, we both knew it was there and we had lots of stuff that needed a home.  It caused that annoying nagging feeling within us.  So, we went on a mission to tackle it this weekend!  Thankfully, George is a good fantastic carpenter.  He expanded the shelving in all of the closets in our house, including the pantry and laundry room.  These expansions helped us to store more stuff than before, but it would not contain everything.  We then found cabinet kits at Lowe’s for our upstairs room.  By the time we headed to bed last night, all of the stuff had found a new home (besides the nurseries) and it no longer consumed our home.  It gave us both a sense of preparedness and control over things that we can actually control, which felt great!  Now we can focus on important stuff like outfitting the nurseries!  If we only knew what colors to choose….



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13 thoughts on “Mission Organization!

    • Sooooo happy for you! I miss seeing you in Yoga on Monday nights but understand why you have been missing:) I am enjoying the blog! What a fun and fantastic way to keep us all informed.



      • Missing yoga has been really hard. My doctor said I could go at first, but I was too sick 😦 Then my doctor said no exercise besides light walking, not even prenatal yoga. I will get back to yoga as soon as the babies can come to the Kids Club 😉 I think they have to be 6 months old…


  1. I take my hat off to you both! With so much stress and tiredness, you still accomplished so much! That’s just a taste of the strength you have inside. 🙂


  2. Wow those new spaces filled up quite quickly. Is there room for a 3rd armoir? Good job George. You are quite the carpenter.


    • So far we have two black ones, and ordered two white ones. We found them online through Walmart. They are Graco and have great safety standards, but still look cute =)


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