Cookies for Santa

Last year, the when the babies were newborns, they had a surprise visit from Santa.  We scored some precious pictures of Santa snuggling sleeping babies that we will treasure forever.  This year, the babies are far more aware of Santa.  They point him out in pictures and say “ho ho ho” whenever they spy him.  That meant we needed to make sure they got to see him in person again.  Yet, I was hesitant to wait in a long line with four toddlers to see the big guy and maybe get a picture.  Plus, I’m still a bit nervous about germ exposure this time of year.  Our dear friends, made sure seeing Santa would not be an ordeal and arranged for him to make another home visit, but this time I was prepared and had cookies for Santa awaiting his arrival.

During Icemagedon, I felt a bit crafty and found tutorials for making decorated plates using Sharpie markers and Dollar Tree plates.  I combined one tutorial explaining how to do the lettering, and another explaining how to cure Sharpie onto a plate.  Then I used acrylic craft paint to create lights with the babies’ thumbprints.  I was very pleased with the result, and found it perfect for Santa’s visit.  I also made Santa our favorite sugar cookie recipe, which was a crowd pleaser.  In fact, a week later, the babies still point to the spot where the cookies were and sign, “more, please”.


After baking my piece, I was afraid the thumbprints would wash off so I added a top coat of Mod Podge as a sealant. I do NOT recommend doing this. At the end of the evening, one of our friends washed it in warm water, which melted the Mod Podge and caused peeling. The next day in an effort to “fix” it, I peeled the majority of the remaining Mod Podge off and re did the thumbprints. It is now a “surface wash with damp cloth” piece.  I’m sure you could make a similar piece at a ceramics shop that’s dishwasher safe, but this was made with found materials and cost me zilch!

Before Santa arrived, I showed the babies pictures from last year and talked to them about Santa more than usual, but I still wasn’t sure how they’d react.   Santa is notorious for startling toddlers.  Thankfully, they greeted Santa just like every other visitor to our home, with big grins.

Keeping with last year’s tradition, we snapped individual pictures of each baby with Santa.

Rylin was the only one hesitant to sit on Santa's lap.  A cookie did the trick.

Rylin was the only one hesitant to sit on Santa’s lap. A cookie did the trick.







Santa needed a little help holding all four babies so George and I joined him.

Santa needed a little help holding all four babies so George and I joined him.

Since we were at home, the babies enjoyed playing with Santa after our obligatory pictures were snapped.

Santa couldn't help but pinch Mason's adorable cheeks.

Santa couldn’t help but pinch Mason’s adorable cheeks.

Rylin eventually warmed up to Santa just like all other visitors.

Rylin eventually warmed up to Santa just like all other visitors.

14-IMG_8080 12-IMG_8071


As Christmas approaches, take time to enjoy your family and friends and don’t let it become a time of stress.  Merry Christmas!




4 thoughts on “Cookies for Santa

  1. Darling plate!!! Well done!! I’d be signing “More, please!” for those cookies too. Your four are beyond adorable. A happy Christmas to you all!


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