Ice Day

Ice Day

Last winter we experienced what local meteorologists dubbed “Icemagedon”.  While it was an inconvenience for everyone, the quads had fun experiencing snowish stuff and sledding Texas style (aka in a laundry basket).  We had several winter blasts beginning in December 2013.  This year as we approached March I thought we may actually get through unscathed. In fact, we’ve had gorgeous spring-like days with temperatures in the upper 70’s.  I’ve been tempted to take spring clothing out of storage due to these mild winter days.  Mother Nature enjoys variety in Texas, however, and another “Arctic Blast” blew through last night.  Consequently, schools and many businesses are closed.  I’m not sure why we call days like this “snow days” since Texas very rarely experiences snow and typically gets sleet and ice instead.  I’d say it’s an “Ice Day”.

I’m hoping this is the last of the icy precipitation and spring is approaching, but was also glad the quads could experience the snow like stuff.  Plus, I wanted them to get wear out of their puffy coats, mittens, and hats.  I layered everyone up in snug fit pajamas, knee socks, and fleece suits.  As I dressed the quads for freezing weather, it became rather apparent we are better suited for warm weather.   I’d much rather dress them in swimming suits and slather on sunscreen than bundle them up for warmth.  I felt as if it consumed 30 minutes just getting ready to play for about 30 minutes.  Nonetheless, it was worthwhile for the experience.  This year, the quads were big enough for our Steel Saucer, which has been collecting dust in the attic for years.  They let me pull them in it a bit, then insisted on pulling each other.


girls sledding


boys sledding

After they tired of sledding, they used sand toys to scoop ice and dump it many times over.

Use sand toys for playing in the snow

Use sand toys for playing in the snow

rain boots are great for snow too!

ice day

A few weeks ago, my mom read, The Little Red Sled (Clifford’s Puppy Days) Book
and then did a paper plate craft from Crafty Morning with the quads.  When I brought our sled down from the attic, the quads associated it with “Rosebud” (Clifford’s sled) from the book.   I know Nisey will be happy they recalled the book and craft.  I’ll read the book to them again this evening.

toddler Clifford book and paperplate craft

After nap, I think the quads are having a little hot lukewarm chocolate and heart-shaped marshmallows for their snack.  How do you spend frigid days like this?



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11 thoughts on “Ice Day

  1. Cute photos 🙂 We are just too sick to even get dressed for time outdoors, plus I’m impressed you actually have puffy jackets. I think we might have one.


    • Bless your hearts. For some cooky reason I thought they needed puffy coats, and they were worn about 5 times including today. Maybe they can wear next year too..,


  2. Love that you made the best of this crazy last blast of winter. You rock as a mom , Amber. And I especially loved that the kiddos remembered the Clifford story . Warms my heart ! Give everyone a hug for us .


  3. I’ve learned in my almost ten years of being a parent that winter coats are (hopefully) bought large enough that they can be worn at least two years due to the fact they may be worn many times or only a handful due to our unpredictable weather patterns. Gotta love Texas winters.
    Stay warm and enjoy these ice days! We’re on a late start here, but I too thought that we would get out of this winter relatively unscathed. I’m ready for spring.


    • My kids grow very slowly so I hope they can still wear their puffy coats next year. If not, the next set will be 2 sizes up. Harper’s is a size up from the rest so Mason will be able to wear that one as a hand me down.
      Late starts are good because then there’s no make up day. Stay warm and safe!


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