Fire Station Tour {Summer Bucket List}

Several months ago, the quads developed an interest in emergency vehicles, signal lights, and first responders.  Every single time they ride in the van, they inquire about the meaning of various colors of lights and point out when they see a fire truck, police car, ect.  I suspect these new-found interests developed after they watched a few episodes of Paw Patrol and Fireman Sam.   With this budding obsession, I thought it fitting to arrange a fire station tour where my uncle, Dale is fire chief. The quads could hardly contain their excitement when they discovered we would see inside of real fire trucks and meet firefighters.


After a brief tour of the firefighter’s dorm area and living space, we had an opportunity to learn about the large fire trucks.  Dale showed us how the trucks are filled with water and where cameras are located on the truck.  Then, Sydney seized the chance to touch one of the hoses.  Everyone (except Rylin) sat inside one of the trucks and even wore headphones as Dale rattled off pertinent emergency information.

fire truck

fire truck hose

Sydney in the fire truck


MFD truck



In the event of an emergency, young children are often frightened by the sight of first responders, namely firefighters dressed in protective gear.  Dale asked one of the fire fighters to wear his full gear, including oxygen mask and to talk to the quads through the mask.  I have to admit, seeing someone dressed this way can be intimidating, even to an adult.  I’m grateful the quads had a chance to see this firsthand under controlled circumstances.   We will be having many more conversations about safety, reviewing these photographs, and will revisit the fire station.


MFD tour


Following our fire station tour, we grabbed a quick lunch and spent the afternoon with my grandmother.  There’s something special about the way young children and elderly interact.  My heart melted as I watched Harper tell Grandma about everything imaginable from his wardrobe to his dimple and eyelashes.  I think he may have a calling to work with the elderly as he gets older.  In addition to entertaining Grandma, the quads doodled pictures to share with her neighbors and participated in afternoon music time with her.  My mom later told me Grandma recanted details from our visit so I know she appreciated it.

visiting grandma

visiting grandma

Thank you, Dale and the firefighters of Midlothian for allowing us to tour the fire station and teaching us about your duties.  We are grateful for the many brave men and women who serve our communities and our country.

If you are interested in taking a fire station tour, check with your local fire station for tour details.  For Dallas-Fort Worth locals the following cities have tour information available on their websites, which are linked to this blog Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Keller, Southlake, Carrolton, Frisco, and Allen.

Cheers for another item marked off our summer bucket list!!!

  1. Movies
  2. Sea Life Aquarium
  3. Train ride
  4. Fire station tour
  5. Library story time
  6. Splashground
  7. Zoo
  8. Bahama Buck’s
  9. Frozen yogurt
  10. Community pool
  11. Grill dinner outside
  12. Water Table
  13. Inflatable Pool
  14. Sprinklers
  15. Ice Cream
  16. Indoor playgrounds
  17. Lee’s Grilled Cheese
  18. Blow bubbles
  19. Chalk drawings
  20. Board games
  21. Play dates
  22. Summer Reading Club
  23. Dance classes
  24. Fireworks
  25. Sleep over with grandparents
  26. Nature Walks
  27. Bounce house
  28. Popsicles



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6 thoughts on “Fire Station Tour {Summer Bucket List}

  1. Amber, I’ve never connected but have been reading along from the beginning. I cannot believe how big your 4 have become! And a trip to the fire station was a great idea!


  2. Your family is so beautiful. I love all your posts, you’re an amazing mommy! I’ve been looking at fun things to do with my little guys and have found some ideas from your list!


  3. […] Earlier in the summer, we visited my grandmother in her new home.  I knew our visit was beneficial to both Grandma and the kids so I wanted to make another before summer ended.  I chose a day when my mom could help me because it’s quite an undertaking visiting with the quads.  As soon as we entered, the faces of staff, residents, and visitors illuminated.  Each bright smile made all the effort worthwhile. […]


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