Remaining Gender Neutral

Our appointment with Dr. Tabor went well today.  We only waited about 15 minutes, which was great!  Last time the wait was 90 minutes.  All four of the babies have grown and he said their fluids were good, no organs were herniated, their nuchal folds were normal, and my cervix was fine.  Everything checked out perfectly!  The ultrasound was pretty cool today; we could see the brain hemispheres!  However….no news on genders yet.  No one was in the right position and it is still on the early side.  So everything is still gender neutral for now.  We go back in a week and a half and Dr. Tabor is certain he will be able to determine genders then.  I’m looking forward to that!  I’m ready to pick nursery colors, and names.






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7 thoughts on “Remaining Gender Neutral

  1. You go to Dr. Tabor! I wondered–I don’t think there are too many high-risk MFM specialists out there. I went to him every 2 weeks for a while to have my “equipment” checked for signs of early labore. Every time I went, I was nervous about being put on bed rest, and he would always ask me, “Got any plans for the weekend?” I finally asked him if he was teasing me (since he had the power to take away my weekend). But no, he wasn’t–I think he’s just kind of awkward that way, and always asks everybody the same thing. 🙂


    • Exactly, I think he is sort of “the guy” you go to if you need high risk MFM. I know he is going to put me on bed rest….it’s just a matter of time. I feel like a ticking time bomb! You do have to learn his personality and sense of humor for sure 😉


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