Kid’s Emergency Car Kit

When the kids were almost two years old I started taking them out places on my own. I soon realized a diaper bag was too cumbersome.  It was hard work keeping up with four toddlers and managing a diaper bag was an unnecessary hassle.  However, being toddlers, they still needed emergency supplies.  I decided to make good use of my trunk organizer and fill it with things I’d find handy for accidents, particularly when we began potty training.

Kid's Emergency Car Kit

For each child, I filled a gallon sized Ziploc with a change of clothes, underwear (or pull up), and a spare pair of shoes.  Then, I labeled each bag and added them to my trunk organizer.  In the event of an accident, I could easily change a kiddo and seal soiled or wet clothes into the Ziploc.  In addition to the clothes, I stocked my trunk with paper towels, bottles of water, grocery sacks, baby wipes, Lysol wipes, old towels, and of course a potty seat with liners.




The Safety First potty seat is great for the car because it has a lid, which is handy for stacking.  If taken to someone else’s house, it also comes apart so a small seat fits onto the toilet and the lidded seat works as a stool.

Even though I don’t haul extra clothes and things in my purse, I have a small make up bag filled with a few essentials, particularly the kids’ epi pen and Benadryl.  

 On several occasions, George attempted to remove our emergency supply stash to free up trunk space since we never seemed to need anything from the stash.  I insisted we keep  them “just in case”, and was so happy to have them in the past few months.  While waiting in gridlock traffic to see Ice! at the Gaylord, Mason got car sick- all over himself and the car.  Within ten minutes, we had Mason fully dressed in new threads and the car was relatively clean.   He may have been wearing a faded t-shirt that read, “Happy Birthday to Me” and jeans with pink stitching, but they were clean.  Thankfully, everyone at the Ice! exhibit is given a giant blue parka, which successfully concealed Mason’s ensemble.

Gaylord Texan ICE 2015

I should’ve learned from that experience to pack better clothing since they could be used.  This week, Mason took a little dip in Nisey and Poppa’s koi pond and was soaked from head to toe (he was being well supervised and Poppa immediately fished him from the water or it could’ve been tragic).   Little man once again had to wear a less than desirable outfit, but he was clean and dry!  When I created our emergency stash of supplies, I expected it to be for potty accidents, little did I know how handy they’d be in other circumstances.

What do you keep in your trunk?  I’m thinking I should add spare clothes for myself…you never know!




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5 thoughts on “Kid’s Emergency Car Kit

  1. Great idea. I only keep a potty, wipes and pull-ups in the car. I generally have an extra outfit in the diaper bag. Easy when you only have one. Of course the one day I removed it for a lighter bag we needed it. Bailey got to ride home in just a pull up even though she is potty trained. Haha


  2. Probably not as necessary in Texas, but in colder climates/seasons you should have blankets or a sleeping bag in the car for emergencies. A few granola bars or shelf-stable snacks were always handy to have around too!


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