While George and I have known we are expecting quads for over seven weeks, last week was the time we told all of our extended family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  It has been an amazing week sharing the news.  I only wish I had a camera to capture all the facial expressions.  Better yet, video footage.  It would be a hysterical you tube montage! Reactions ranged from excitement, amazement, shock, and I think even some fear.  My favorite reaction was when a co-worker hugged me because she could see I am expecting, but literally jumped back three feet when she heard it was four.  It was almost as if having quads were contagious. One principal squealed in delight.  It was priceless.

The funniest thing was what my boss did.  I told him the day before we went on spring break, but waited until after spring break to tell everyone else.  He asked if it was a secret and I said “no”.  I was thinking he might mention it to our secretaries or other people in the administration office.  However, I did not expect the “Welcome Back” email he sent to our department the Monday we returned.  The memo read:

“Good Morning!

Hope everyone got in some good relaxation time last week. It’s been a busy spring break for some, however.

Amber told be Friday before the break that she is expecting and I’m sure she spent time getting ready.

Danny had a baby girl Friday.  Her name is “Zoey Elizabeth.” Mom and baby are fine.

Amber is pregnant.

Claire emailed me Friday to say her doctor scheduled her delivery for today. No distress but thought it wise to do.

Amber is expecting.

So, I hope all is well with you. We’re very happy for Danny and Claire.

And I should mention Amber is expecting a fourth time, since they are quadruplets!”

When I read the memo, I literally wanted to crawl under my desk.  I’m not a person who feels comfortable in the spotlight and this certainly was like putting a high-powered spotlight on me.  I didn’t get much work done that day because my phone exploded with calls and texts, and my email kept pinging.  Most people said when they read the memo they thought our boss had really lost it this time and forgot what he typed.  Too funny!  I also got quite a few office visitors that day, as my office mate kept sending people in saying I needed to meet with them.  When our assistant principal came in he was panicked that something crazy happened with a student.  He seemed relieved to find out it was just news that I am expecting quads (no big deal ya’ know).

It has been fun sharing this news with everyone, but I have really appreciated the warm, supportive response we have received.  Everyone seems to share our joy and many people have offered to help in some way or another.  I think I should start taking names of volunteers now….just in case they forget.  So far I have baby rockers, feeders, launderers, cooks, and housekeepers- not bad!

One of my schools has already organized a shower as well.  They are all so sweet and excited about being a school where there are quads on the way.



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